Buddy Kit for X1 OMNI(White)/ T10 OMNI/T10 PLUS

Compatible with X1 OMNI(White)/T10 OMNI/ T10 PLUS/ T10 TURBO

 Prepare the consumables for half a year at a time, peace of mind. 

 Main brush:   

• It adopts alternate composite structure of brush and rubber strip, the rubber strip is used to beat the carpet, brush is used to touch the ground, they can double clean the soft and hard ground.        

• Imported brush, flexible rubber strip, wear-resistant, not easily deformed and no damage to the ground. 

• Detachable bearing design makes cleaning  more convenient. 

 Side brush: 

• Wear-resisting nylon brush, durable without deformation. 

• Flexible swing arm structure design, more gentle and safe ,no damage to the floor and furniture.


• The sponge can filter large particle dust

• The filter element can filter the fine particles, block dust, and discharge clean air, eliminate secondary pollution 

• The Filter can be washed without affecting the cleaning performance. 

Buddy Kit for X1 OMNI(White)/ T10 OMNI/T10 PLUS