Waterproof Mat(Black)for X1 PLUS/T10 PLUS

Compatible model: X1 PLUS/T10 PLUS

Applicable scene: 

1. Put DEEBOT  on the waterproof mat: It is suitable for wooden floor, which can prevent the residual moisture of the Mopping Pad from soaking for a long time and damaging the floor.

2. Put the Charging dock on the waterproof mat:  Suitable for mutil-floor charging need family. There is no base extension plate in the design of T10/X1 Charging Dock. When the Charging Dock is placed in the carpet area, it will be unstable, which result in abnormal charging of the machine. At this time, Waterproof Mat can be used together with the Charging Dock to help the machine effectively recharge.


• Waterproof and moisture-proof           

   The Deebot is placed on the mat, which is waterproof and moisture-proof, and can protect floor 

• Wear-resistant and durable, easy to clean

Waterproof Mat(Black)for X1 PLUS/T10 PLUS