9 pcs Dust Bags for N10/T9/N8/T8 Series

Compatible with N10 PLUS/T9+/N8 PRO+/N8+/T8 AIVI+/T8+

Bundle includes 9 pcs disposable bags.

The Auto-Empty Station cleans the DEEBOT’s dustbin automatically after cleaning, with the station’s disposable dust bag holding up to 30 days of dirt and debris, to dramatically reduce the need to frequently replace the dust bag, so that users can enjoy cleaning homes for weeks with ease and peace. 

  • Convenient, disposable bags for your Auto-Empty Station
  • Holds weeks of dust, debris, and pet hair
  • Hypo-allergenic bag locks in particles for easy and dust-free disposal

Note: Compatible with the ECOVACS Auto-Empty Station, which works with all the DEEBOT N10/T9/N8/T8 Series

No additional tools are required for installation.

9 pcs Dust Bags for N10/T9/N8/T8 Series