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Smart Navi™ 3.0 Technology

A truly customizable cleaning experience

“Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction.”


Smart Navi™ 3.0 Mapping and Navigation Technology inspires a new way of floor cleaning. With a leading edge laser detection system, your DEEBOT will efficiently navigate and map your floorplan to your smartphone, to prep for customized cleaning.

Knows the way, knows your home

Thanks to full array of sensors, Smart Navi ™ 3.0 enables your DEEBOT to learn its environment. Based on a good knowledge of your home environment, your floor cleaning becomes efficient and effortless.

Gives floor cleaning more possibilities

With Smart Navi ™ 3.0, ECOVACS gives you the experience of customized cleaning. From managing an efficient cleaning route, choosing certain areas to clean, to avoiding others by setting unlimited virtual boundaries, every unique cleaning requirement will be satisfied.