ECOVACS Redefines Smart Home at CES 2024 with Revolutionary Whole Home Robotics Innovations


LAS VEGAS, NV - January 8, 2024 - At CES 2024, ECOVACS is unveiling the future of whole home robotics, including revolutionary robots for floor-, air-, ceiling-, window-, and lawn- care. The DEEBOT X2 COMBO, a new iteration of the award-winning X2 OMNI, and the next-generation WINBOT W2 OMNI, showcase cutting-edge features and embody ECOVACS’ core mission of ‘Robotics for All’. X2 COMBO is the first DEEBOT that is Matter-ready, and comes with upgraded hands-free capabilities and precision for cleaning floors, drapes, ceilings, and more, ushering users into a fully automated era of whole-house cleaning. W2 OMNI now comes with an all-in-one station, making it the most portable robotic window cleaner on the market. Homeowners no longer need to bear the burden of uncleaned homes – ECOVACS takes care of it all, alleviating worries and stresses. Taking hands-free cleaning outdoors, ECOVACS’ all-new robot lawn mower - GOAT GX-600 - will maintain lawns and manicure grass in the US, beginning Spring 2024. GX-600 uses similar technology DEEBOTs have to make automated lawn care easy - no boundary setting necessary; just press go and GX-600 will mow. ECOVACS is showcasing the all-new DEEBOT X2 COMBO, WINBOT W2 OMNI, and GOAT GX-600, along with several other innovative smart home robots - including the AIRBOT Z2 air purification robot - at CES 2024 in Las Vegas from January 9-12, 2024, in the Venetian Expo, Halls A-D - booth 52632.
Meet ECOVACS at CES 2024

For 25 years, ECOVACS has pioneered smart home cleaning solutions with its market-leading robotics. Elevating the homeowner experience to new heights of relaxation and leisure, ECOVACS continues to add to a suite of robotic products meticulously designed to redefine domestic chores, furthering its commitment to pushing innovation in home robotics.

"Our dedication to reshaping the smart home cleaning experience extends far beyond technological innovation," emphasized Vice Chairman of ECOVACS Group and CEO of ECOVACS ROBOTICS, David Qian. "It transcends the mundane realm of manual chores, aiming to foster a sense of relaxation for homeowners, and affording them the luxury of time to engage in what they love most. Whether it's our floor and window cleaners, air purifiers, or lawn mowers, our evolving range of robotic solutions consistently strives to unburden homeowners, granting them precious time back for family, hobbies, and the myriad pleasures life has to offer."

DEEBOT X2 COMBO - Robot Vacuum, Mop, Auto-Empty Station & Handheld Stick Vacuum

Dual Auto-Empty for Robotic Cleaner and Handheld Vacuum

At CES 2024, the spotlight shines on several new home robotics innovations, including a new iteration of ECOVACS’ latest masterpiece, the award-winning X2 OMNI – ECOVACS' inaugural squared-profile DEEBOT, which truly raised the bar for cleaning standards across the competitive market. The X2 OMNI reimagined edge-to-edge cleaning precision, introducing industry-first innovations and delivering cutting-edge premium features for intelligent home cleaning like never before. Now, DEEBOT X2 COMBO takes value & hands-free performance one step further. DEEBOT X2 COMBO adds a handheld vacuum to the already loaded X2 OMNI robot vacuum, mop and auto-empty station. Merging world-class technologies with groundbreaking hands-free innovations, DEEBOT X2 COMBO embodies the essence of a liberated, chore-free lifestyle, marking a paradigm shift in smart home maintenance. And, with Matter-certification, DEEBOT X2 COMBO is optimized to bring this new era of clean to any smart home, no matter the ecosystem.

Combining the power of X2 OMNI with the convenience of the inaugural ECOVACS handheld stick vacuum, DEEBOT X2 COMBO provides a thoughtful, cohesive, and unparalleled cleaning experience to users. While hand-held and stick vacuums collectively represent one-third of the overall floor cleaning market and stand as the most purchased vacuum products among consumers, ECOVACS identified this opportunity to broaden its horizons, marking a significant stride towards its overarching mission of revolutionizing complete smart home cleaning. The X2 COMBO is the first whole-home vacuum system by ECOVACS, introducing an all-new value to homeowners who are looking to invest in a premium robot cleaner that will truly simplify their responsibilities at home. The majority of US households own 2+ floor cleaning products, which means they likely have a closet full of mops , brooms and vacuums galore, through the introduction of X2 COMBO, ECOVACS eliminates the need for multiple cleaning products, saving users money and freeing up space in the home for the things that truly matter. Appealing to homeowners of all kinds, from new apartment owners to growing families with big homes and big messes, the X2 COMBO will be available in two variations - DEEBOT and Handheld and DEEBOT and Handheld with stick attachment.

The X2 OMNI’s bold design shift to a squared profile achieved unparalleled edge-to-edge cleaning precision, covering a premium 99.8% more ground surface in a single job than standard RVCs on the market. With the addition of the lightweight, ergonomically built handheld attachment, featuring crevice, multi-surface, and upholstery tools, the X2 COMBO enables whole house cleaning, including furniture, stairs, cars, and more. Thanks to this combination, homeowners no longer have to worry about investing in multiple products to efficiently clean their homes, the X2 COMBO does it all.

Not only can the X2 COMBO conquer your entire home from top to bottom, it can do so extremely well. Touting an impressive 8000Pa suction power employed by both the DEEBOT and stick vacuum attachment, the X2 COMBO is powerful enough to capture the most stubborn dirt and debris stored in the depths of users’ homes. Adding in the X2 OMNI’s pressurized OZMO Turbo 2.0 mopping system and industry-high mop lifting capabilities, the X2 COMBO powerfully scrubs stains away and seamlessly travels from hard to soft floors without the need for intervention. The X2 COMBO boasts all of X2 OMNI’s innovative navigation and smart home features, including the industry-first embedded navigation system for greater range of motion, fast mapping and faster response times, True Detect 3D 2.0 for precision obstacle avoidance, responsive YIKO 2.0 voice control system and other smart home capabilities. And at long-last, with Matter 1.2 now available, X2 COMBO will be Matter-ready out of the box, so it will work with any smart home ecosystem once certified.

The X2 COMBO features an innovative dual dust collection all-in-one base station, which allows homeowners to free their minds of tedious tasks like charging, emptying, refilling, and more. In addition to the advanced mop cleaning system which utilizes hot water for mop washing and hot air for drying, this new station features DEEBOT and handheld bi-directional dust collection and hands-free maintenance. All of these features are packaged up into one compact, sleek station - that homeowners will be proud to display. Once the job is complete, DEEBOT travels back to the station and automatically empties, cleans itself, and charges up for the next task. Similarly, once users are finished using the handheld vacuum, they can simply place it back in the station and let the hands-free benefits of owning an ECOVACS take over. Having a clean home is one thing, but having a consistently clean home without having to lift a finger, that’s a whole new level of freedom only ECOVACS can grant you.

WINBOT W2 OMNI - Robot Window Cleaner

WINBOT W2 OMNI introduced the cutting-edge window cleaning station
While robotic vacuuming and mopping might be the bread and butter of ECOVACS, the innovations don't end there. After launching their first-ever robotic window cleaner, WINBOT X, back in 2018, ECOVACS introduced homeowners to the wonders of hands-free cleaning beyond just vacuuming and mopping. Taking their “edge-to-edge” cleaning mission one step further, ECOVACS is introducing the latest generation of WINBOT, which finally meets these sought-after standards. W2 OMNI - the ultimate hands-free and worry-free solution to window cleaning, is an advanced, intelligent navigation system that reaches all-new heights humans are incapable of reaching, conquering the most challenging areas effortlessly, leaving your windows squeaky clean.

WINBOT W2 OMNI is a user-focused solution to what is traditionally a time-consuming, dangerous and often left undone task. Instead of haphazardly wiping both sides of the window, leaving streaks and residue behind, W2 OMNI utilizes an intelligent navigation system, WIN-SLAM 3.0, that ensures consistent edge-to-edge cleaning and allows seamless movement around obstacles. It employs an exclusive three-nozzle wide-angle spray technology that dissolves dirt and evenly covers windows without drippage. W2 OMNI’s steady climbing system features 3-point anti-slip, anti-dust driving treads and intelligent gravity compensation which allows the robot to maintain steady rolling across windows. This, along with W2 OMNI’s 10-tier protection system, guards user peace-of-mind, making the worries of window cleaning a thing of the past.

WINBOT W2 OMNI is engineered to adapt to various window designs including floor-to-ceiling windows, small windows, frameless windows or mirrors, tilted windows and more. W2 OMNI can also adapt to various cleaning situations through four new cleaning modes: Fast, Deep, Spot, and Custom. While Fast mode is perfect for everyday cleaning, performing with high efficiency in a single wipe, the Deep Mode incorporates edge-cleaning which ensures no spot is left unwiped. Spot Mode tackles stubborn areas, and Custom Mode lets the user dictate where WINBOT should clean. No matter the mode or need, W2 OMNI can take care of it all with just the simple push of a button.

The WINBOT W2 OMNI redefines window cleaning with its user-friendly and multifunctional design. The suitcase-style multi-functional station is equipped with drop protection mechanisms, a built-in battery for unplugged indoor or outdoor use, a composite rope eliminating the need for multiple cords, and automatic wire winding, offering quick setup and hassle-free cleaning. The station's optimized air duct design, featuring four staggered partitions and reduced airflow speed for quieter performance, enhanced by sound-absorbing cotton. The W2 provides a cost-effective solution, eliminating the need for professional cleaning services, and reshapes the window cleaning experience with innovative features that enhance daily life from setup to execution.

ECOVACS GOAT GX-600 - Robot Lawn Mower

Robot Lawn Mower ECOVACS GOAT GX-600 at CES 2024
Like home cleaning, traditional lawn care and maintenance are both costly and time-consuming. With GOAT GX-600, ECOVACS’ first robotic lawn mower in the US, homeowners are introduced to the joys of a fully-automated lawn mowing system that requires no boundary setup or physical boundary settings, and minimal maintenance. Using its robotics intelligence from DEEBOT - like obstacle avoidance and navigation - ECOVACS developed GX-600 to work when you want it to, whether you’re home or away; no more waiting for your semi-monthly lawn care service – GX-600 is on demand.

GOAT GX-600 is the first RLM with combined vision and SmartMove technology, automatically distinguishing natural lawn boundaries by computationally identifying grass and non-grass areas like stone pavers and sidewalks, then mowing in the most efficient way via SmartMove-the self-developed path planning technology.

While most RLMs use random algorithm to cover the whole lawn by one week, for a 600m2 lawn, GX-600 can mow more efficiently and get well-groomed performance just in two days. Meanwhile unlike the ‘bump and run’ obstacle avoidance technology mostly used in the industry - an imperfect solution that is unfriendly to animals and harmful for yard tools or toys, GX-600 uses ECOVACS industry-leading AIVI 3D obstacle avoidance technology.

The all-new GOAT GX-600 comes with an outdoor charging station that serves as its homebase. Installation is easy and fast; simply install the charging station at the edge of the lawn and press & go!

GOAT GX-600 will be available in the US from in Q2, 2024.

ECOVACS is showcasing the all-new DEEBOT X2 COMBO and WINBOT W2 OMNI, along with several other innovative smart home robots, at CES 2024 in Las Vegas from January 9-12, 2024, in the Venetian Expo, Halls A-D - booth 52632.


Founded in 1998 and headquartered in Suzhou, China, the ECOVACS Group has developed into a group of listed companies that are driven by independent R&D and innovation, mastering core robotics and intelligent technologies, owning two international consumer technology brands "ECOVACS ROBOTICS" and "TINECO", as well as a complete industrial chain layout.

As a leader and pioneer in the service robot and high-end intelligent household appliances industries, the ECOVACS Group is built on the commitment of being fully people-focused, with a dedication to continuously innovate so that people around the world can enjoy a better life through the benefits of our technology and products. The ECOVACS ROBOTICS brand launched China's first robotics vacuum cleaners DEEBOT and the TINECO brand launched China's first smart wet dry vacuum cleaner Floor One, both of which have won the favor of global market and built up a wide user base. Currently, ECOVACS Group’s products are exported to over 160 countries and regions worldwide, serving more than 50 million household users.

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