1、【10016】、【10017】:Device configuration timed out
· Make sure that you have disabled mobile data on the phone, such as mobile 4G network
· Make sure the robot is connected to your phone via Wi-Fi

If the robot Wi-Fi "ECOVACS_xxxx" is not found in the network settings, restart the robot (press and hold the RESET button until a startup sound plays) and the router, exit the App and try again

2、【2】、【10002】、【10024】:Program error

· Reopen the App, restart the robot and try configuring the network again

3、【3】:Invalid login

· Log in to your account again and reconfigure the network

4、【10000】、【10020】、【10021】:Mobile device disconnected

· Make sure the mobile device and home Wi-Fi both have a Internet connection

5、【10006】、【10011】:Network setup timed out

· Make sure the mobile device and home Wi-Fi both have a Internet connection

6、【10010】、【10018】、【10025】:Unable to connect the robot to the network
· Make sure that the robot is in an area with good Wi-Fi coverage. We recommend using the robot within 3 m of the scope of your home Wi-Fi
· Make sure that the robot is turned on. Press the "Reset" button, and then the Wi-Fi indicator will blink
· Make sure that the home Wi-Fi password you"'ve entered is correct
· Make sure that the home Wi-Fi connected to the robot is a 2.4GHz network

· Make sure that the home Wi-Fi connected to the mobile device is the same as that connected to the robot

7、【10503】:Network setup information reception timed out

· While waiting for the network setup to complete, make sure the phone is continuously connected to the Wi-Fi network starting with "ECOVACS_xxxx" before the progress bar reaches 50%

8、If there is another error code, try again

Special case for Samsung smartphone
In order to setup network successfully, it is MUST:
1) Robot shall enter network configuration model. In this model, the robot looks like a Wi-Fi Access Point (Wi-Fi AP) without internet connectivity (Press network button can enable robot entering this model)
2) Once the robot entering network configuration model, APP can connect the robot and send necessary information (SSID and Password of home Wi-Fi) to it. 
3) After the robot receives necessary information, firstly it exits network configuration model automatically and then connect home Wi-Fi AP with SSID/password. During the connection to home Wi-Fi AP/internet, the app remains lost to the robot. If the robot can connect internet, the app will be invoked again. If now, after 90s, timeout error will occur and an error code is shown on the screen.
4) If failed, step 1) ~ 3) shall be repeated.
But some smartphones have a Wi-Fi feature setting enabled by default that only allow them to connect to a Wi-Fi AP with active internet connectivity. 
If the APP connect to a AP without internet connectivity, the smartphone OS will forcibly switch the network connection from AP to the 3G/4G network.
This will cause the failure of step 2) mentioned above with Error code: 10503
Typically, the Samsung smartphone S8, S9,S10/S10+, A8, A10 have such kind of Wi-Fi feature named ‘Switch to mobile data’.
The solution is to turn this feature off, like the following:

For some old Samsung phone, Galaxy S4 has a setting called "Auto Network Switch". Disabling this feature will prevent the smartphone from auto-switching to 3G/4G with an active internet connection, like the following: