Why won't my Deebot find the charging station?

Updated on 2020/07/15
The Deebot will continue to clean until its battery runs low. Then it will automatically slow down, and begin returning to the charging dock. It might take a while, and sometimes head in the wrong direction like a drunken sailor, but it will eventually get there...

It does helps to keep your charging station in a clutter free area, with at least 2 feet of clear space on either side of the station. While you probably don't want the charging station right in the middle of your living room, it does help to test various locations for the charger. The charging station sends out a low power radio signal that attracts the Deebot. Sometimes, just the slightest location move of the charger can really help your Deebot find its way home.

If you wish to send your DEEBOT back to the charging dock early, you can use the app to do it. First, press the Play/Pause button on the remote, then you can press the charge/home button. You will notice the DEEBOT will stop vacuuming and will head back to the charging dock.
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