Is Vacuuming Or Mopping Better? Can I mop and vacuum at the same time?


Many homeowners have the same question regarding floor cleaning: is vacuuming better than mopping? Actually, you don’t need to struggle with that. A mopping vacuum can easily provide a perfect solution - do both mopping and vacuuming to maximise cleaning efficiency.


As we all know, the traditional vacuuming and mopping methods require both a lot of time and labour. And you have to bend down all the time and take repeated operations, which is tiresome.


Luckily, you don’t need to mop or vacuum manually anymore with the advanced mopping vacuum. With the development of technology, smarter floor cleaners, the automatic mopping vacuums have been developed and have achieved great success soon after it put on the market.


Compared to the single-purpose floor-cleaning devices in the past, the newly-launched mopping vacuum can largely speed up the process and make it more efficient. Imagine that a hybrid can simultaneously sweep, vacuum and mop your floor to remove stubborn stains from floor surfaces, saving lots of time and fully freeing your hands.


If you want to know more about this advanced hybrid, just keep reading, and we will tell you more details in the following.


What is a Mopping Vacuum


There are two kinds of vacuuming robots that can mop in the market: single-purpose and hybrid. The mopping cleaning devices can only mop your floor without a vacuuming function. But some relatively new models can sweep before mopping. The hybrid, on the other hand, enables the intelligent robot to perform a dry sweep and vacuum every speck of dust on the surface of your floor before scrubbing and mopping away all the dirt.


A mopping vacuum has the capability of mopping the hard floor while suctioning and weeping the dirt and dirt. Besides, with a sophisticated and well-designed operating system, the intelligent robot vacuum and mopping two-in-one is simple to use: fill the water tank first, then press the “start” button or give a voice command, and finally, just find a place to relax. The hybrid will handle all the cleaning work, including sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping.


DEEBOT X1 0MNI station


Mopping vacuums that come with mops have water tanks or reservoirs that can be connected to the base station, realizing the auto water refill. Some robot vacuuming like DEEBOT also allows you to adjust the water level through the official app, in order to increase mopping efficiency as well as avoid improper water accumulation for certain types of floors. Besides, you can add specific cleaning solutions to the water tank for a deep cleaning effect.


How does it work? After receiving the “start working” demand, the mopping vacuum will first navigate itself to the designated area, and then begin cleaning work according to the setting. The whole process is automatic gonging, smoothly and efficiently, freeing your hands from tedious tasks.


Features of a Mopping Vacuum Cleaner


What makes its mopping vacuum stand out? What excellent features are the most attractive to clients chasing high cleaning efficiency?


  • First, the excellent navigation system is based on the most advanced TrueMapping 2.0, ensuring smooth navigation in daylight and total darkness so that the DEEBOT can always vacuum and mop in the most efficient way with a reasonable plan.
  • Second, the accurate avoidance detection allows DEEBOT knows every corner of your home. The mopping vacuum can detect with high-precision resolution in real-time. When it mops, the robotic vacuum and mopper can detect the carpet and then strategically avoid it, ensuring no collision, entanglements or disruptions.
  • Third, the strong suction power with a rotating or oscillating mopping system makes DEEBOT capable of taking on any floor surface without you breaking into a sweat. The powerful suction can effectively vacuums dust off both hard floors and carpet. The rotating and oscillating mopping system is specially designed to remove stubborn stains from any floor surfaces.


Here are three main functions that empower its high cleaning efficiency. And all of them are upgraded more than once to reach the optical mopping and vacuuming effect.



ECOVACS Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with Mopping


If you are still searching for the best vacuum mopping, you can choose ECOVACS with confidence. Here is the three top-rated DEEBOT mopping vacuum in Australia.


DEEBOT X1 OMNI can provide a totally hands-free experience with the industry-first all-in-one station. What does it mean? The station supports automatic cleaning and drying of mop cloths and replenishes clean water by itself, letting mopping without worries. Besides, the specially designed rotating mopping system can put double pressure to deeply clean the floor with high rotating times (180 times) per minute.


DEEBOT T10 PLUS features a home monitoring system that allows you can check on your pet or things at home in real time. Besides, you can easily customize your cleaning areas with its top-range mapping and navigation system. Enjoy a simpler and more relaxing time with T10 PLUS.


DEEBOT T10 PLUS features a home monitoring system


DEEBOT T9 Plus is super suitable for people with high hygiene standards. In addition to the ultra-high suction power and pro oscillating mopping kit, we must introduce its disposable mopping pad, which is convenient to use. After the mopper finishes cleaning, you can directly throw it away. And the microfiber cloth can efficiently capture dust, lock away stains and avoid leaving residue during the whole cleaning process.


A mopping vacuum can effectively and timely remove the dust and dirt on the floor, saving you lots of time and labour. There is no reason to insist on the traditional mopping methods. Just invest in our intelligent DEEBOT mopping vacuum and live an easier and happier life!


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