What should I do if WINBOT reminds "Insufficient suction power"?

Updated on 2022/04/29
Step 1: Take down the robot.
Use the App to control and guide the robot to a position where it can be manually taken down. Attach the robot to the glass again to start working. If you are using the robot without having connected to the app, you can connect via the following two ways:
1. It's recommened to use the App to scan the QR code directly on the robot and follow the connection instructions in the App.
2. You can also select Add manually in the app and select the correct model to complete the connection.

Step 2: Check the robot and windows.
1. Check whether the mopping pad is properly fitted, with the wide and narrow sides in the correct position.
2. Check whether there are any gaps on the window. Do not use WINBOT on surfaces with gaps, as they may lead to Insufficient suction power or fails.
3. Check whether there are low obstacles on the window. If so, please cover them before using WINBOT.
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