DEEBOT DEEP DIVE: Kevin the Tech Ninja Reviews the T8 AIVI


Hey this is Kevin the Tech Ninja. If you don’t know who I am, I make smart home videos on YouTube and today I’m taking over the ECOVACS blog to share my review of the ECOVACS DEEBOT OZMO T8 AIVI.


My initial thoughts on the T8 AIVI

The T8 AIVI might look like any other robotic vacuum cleaner but some of the technology that it packs in there makes it stand out from the competition. 


The T8 AIVI is good for an all-in-one vacuuming and mopping solution. It uses 3 levels of suction power, pretty much enough for any mess. What I find to be pretty nifty is that if it senses that it's going from a hard floor surface to a carpet, it automatically increases suction power by 2x. Even little bumps along the way are not a problem for the T8 AIVI, as it can go over 20mm ledges quite comfortably.


The technology behind the T8 AIVI

Thanks to its TrueMapping technology, the T8 AIVI guarantees an efficient and smart clean, never missing or repeating a spot. TrueMapping uses precision laser mapping, similar to the tech used in self-driving cars, to detect the robot’s surroundings and map homes with 4x the accuracy of other laser mapping technologies.


Why you never have to worry about the T8 AIVI getting stuck

One of my favorite things about the T8 AIVI is that you never have to babysit it or worry about it getting caught on a cord. The T8 AIVI uses AIVI, a camera-based system that recognizes and identifies common household obstacles. With this, the vacuum can recognize household objects like shoes, cables, floor mats and others. Since AIVI works on AI, it can get smart over time with updates.


T8 AIVI smart home compatibility

Another thing I really like about the T8 AIVI is its smart home compatibility. It can connect to Google Assistant and Alexa, which is especially convenient for times when my hands are full and I can just use voice commands to have it run. 


The ECOVACS app also allows you to control the DEEBOT from your smartphone. The app gives you a good way to gauge what the vacuum is cleaning, and you can set it to clean specific areas or an entire floor. You can also define virtual boundaries where the robot isn't allowed. I think this is something that comes in handy for things like fireplaces, or just somewhere where your kid is playing and you don't want to disturb them. But being able to do this via the app is nice, and it works well. 


One feature I like the most is when it gives you notifications when it has occasionally missed a spot. This sometimes happens near my shoes or where all my cables are in the office. You'll be sent this notification so you can remove whatever is in the way if you want the DEEBOT to go back and spot clean. 


Guaranteed privacy and security

There are also some neat security features baked into the T8 AIVI for extra peace of mind. For instance, the T8 AIVI was just certified by TUV Rheinland, which protects user privacy and data security. 


Thanks to the T8 AIVI’s certified protection, I felt at ease using the DEEBOT’s built-in HD camera. Plus, the camera even doubles as a security tool!  I’m able to monitor my home when I’m out running errands or even use it to say hi to my family. If you have pets, it’s a great way to keep an eye on them as well! 


Should you buy a T8 AIVI?

Given how much technology is packed into the T8 AIVI, I highly encourage you to give it a look. On top of its advanced mapping and object avoidance, smart home capabilities and built-in HD camera, it also uses a 3-layer high-efficiency filter which gets rid of pretty much everything. And cleaning and emptying out the T8 AIVI is pretty straight forward too. But if you want to automate that as well, ECOVACS does have the option of an Auto-Empty Station. This gives you around 4 weeks of maintenance free cleaning with hypo-allergenic bags that lock in particles of dust. 


Having used the T8 AIVI over the last couple of weeks, I've had it run around the house and also in specific areas – and it’s done a pretty good job. With regular use, using both the vacuum and mop functions, you get around 2-3 hours of cleaning before the DEEBOT needs to recharge, which is plenty of time to tackle your space. If it does need to recharge during a cleaning, the DEEBOT will go back to its dock to recharge just enough to finish the job, so you never have to worry about waiting around a long time until it’s ready to run again. 


But really, I can’t stress enough that the most unique aspect about the ECOVACS DEEBOT T8 AIVI is its object avoidance AIVI technology. Its far superior to what I've used when it comes to object detection and reliability around the house. And if you're someone with a big home, with multiple floors and maybe you've already got elements of a smart home going, this could be the perfect robot to add to automate your cleaning.


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