X1 OMNI(White)/T10 OMNI Accessories Kit

Buddy Kit+Washable Mopping Pads+ Dust Bags

Renew your X1 OMNI(White)/T10 OMNI accessories in one purchase. 

Bundle includes:

  • DEEBOT Buddy Kit x 1 pack

             Note: 1 Pack of DEEBOT Buddy Kit includes: Main Brush x 1, Side Brush x 4, Filter x 3(Sponge+Filter)

  • Dust Bag x 3 pcs
  • Washable Mopping Pad x 2 pairs
X1 OMNI(White)/T10 OMNI Accessories Kit
Buddy Kit for X1 OMNI(White)/ T10 OMNI/T10 PLUS
Compatible with X1 OMNI(White)/T10 OMNI/ T10 PLUS/ T10 TURBO

Auto-Empty Station Dust Bags for X1 OMNI/T20 OMNI/T10 OMNI
Compatible with X1 OMNI/T20 OMNI/T10 OMNI

Main Brush Cover(White)
Compatible with T20/X1/T10/N10/T9/N8/N8 PRO/T8/T8 AIVI/N7/OZMO 920/OZMO 950/OZMO 750/T5/N5/N5S Series