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Ecovacs DEEBOT 901

Mapping and Navigation Technology

Smart Navi Mapping and navigation technology allows DEEBOT 901 to scan and map your whole living space to cover all available ground.

Virtual Boundary & Area mode

With the ECOVACS App and mapping feature, you can create virtual boundaries that restrict the DEEBOT to cleaning a specific area.

Interchangeable Inlet System

The suction method can be changed depending on your needs. Perfect for hair and animal fur, or for cleaning your carpets.

More Intelligent, More Independent

The DEEBOT 901 is designed to work autonomously. You can assign a daily cleaning schedule and if the battery is low, it will go back to the charging station.

Ecovacs DEEBOT 601

Three-stage Cleaning

DEEBOT simultaneously sweeps, lifts and vacuums in a single pass by using edge-cleaning brushes and a V-shaped main brush.

Max Mode

The Max Mode cleaning function increases suction power up to 2 times, and works on both hard surface floors and carpets.

App Control

With the ECOVACS Home App you can control and monitor your robot from anywhere: schedule & monitor. All with one simple, easy-to-use app.

Alexa and Google home

DEEBOT is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home for control of the robot.


Ecovacs 901
Smart Navi mode
Covers bare, wood, tiled and carpeted floors
E-Map & Virtual Boundary: YES


Ecovacs 901
Random + Hard Floor modes
Covers bare, wood, tiled floors
E-Map & Virtual Boundary: NO

Frequently Ask Questions

To be eligible, you must be of at least 18 years of age, a resident of the continental United States, and able to sign up with a valid name and a valid e-mail address.

Sign up with your name and email address on this page! Entries close on 11-15-2018.

Winners are randomly selected from entries. HOWEVER, you can greatly increase your odds of winning by having your friends sign up to the giveaway via links you share. Winners will be selected by 11-19-2018.

Winners will be contacted via the email address provided upon entry.

Prizes will be sent out by Amazon’s FBA service – estimated delivery time is 2 weeks after announcement of winners.

No, how many points you earn will only help you increase your chances of becoming eligible to win. Winners will be selected purely at random, with entries only increasing their likelihood of being chosen as a winner. After the random draw, the winners who have been selected will be sorted by total entries, those with the most points will be eligible to win the level 1 prize, those with slightly less will be eligible to receive level 2 prizes, etc. We will work our way from the top of the list down, until we’ve exhausted the list of winners that are randomly selected, and sorted by total entries.

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