How can I use the self-cleaning function to clean the cleaning sink of the station that are dirty?

Updated on 2023/09/14
Guide for the self-cleaning function of the base station
1. Press and hold the Station Start button for about 3 seconds. The robot will automatically exit the Station and water will automatically flow from the cleaning sink.
2. Use the cleaning brush to clean the cleaning sink.
3. Once cleaning is complete, press and hold the Station Start button for 5 seconds, and the cleaning sink will drain out the dirty water.
4. Place the robot in front of the Station, press and hold the Start button to let the robot return to charge itself.
5. Open the Station top cover, remove the dirty water tank, and empty out the dirty water.
6. If there is a lot of hair or dirt on the cleaning tray inside the cleaning sink, you can press the release button for the cleaning tray to remove it for cleaning. After cleaning, reinstall it.
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