How do I use the Map Management function?

Updated on 2023/09/14
Map Management function is not available until mapping is complete.
The map is automatically saved after the mapping is complete. You can create up to 3 permanent maps and 1 temporary map. You can switch between maps manually.

Open the app, go to Smart Cleaning > Map Management to do related settings.
1. Multifloor setting
2. Quick mapping
3. Map naming, map deletion, map backup and restore
(1) Once mapping is complete it will be automatically backed up.
(2) If you manually edit a map later on (such as setting virtual walls) but these are not manually backed up, when you restore the map it will be restored back to its original version.
(3) If there is a manual backup of the map from after it was edited, this is the version that will be restored if you restore the map.
4. Virtual Wall: tap Map Edit to set up virtual wall
Note: Do not set up virtual walls around the station. DEEBOT pauses working when virtual walls are being added, and resumes when adding is complete.
5. Carpet strategy
6. Area Type: Map Edit > Area Type
7. Area Division: Map Edit > Area Division
8. Area Merging: Map Edit > Area Merging
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