6 Unexpected Benefits of Automated Cleaning Robots for Home

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the popularity of automated cleaning robots for home. As newly emerging cleaning tools, robot vacuum cleaners lead a revolution in the industry of home cleaning with their proficient cleaning performance and intelligence for automated cleaning and our ECOVACS DEEBOT products are at the forefront of this trend.

Join us in exploring the unexpected benefits of ECOVACS DEEBOT cleaning robots.

Enhancing Indoor Air Quality with Cleaning Robots for Home

Robot vacuum cleaners are robots that can autonomously move around your room to collect dust, hair, and debris to keep your room tidy and clean. People may believe that they are exclusively designed for cleaning floors. In fact, cleaning robots for home can contribute to better indoor air quality.

Let’s feature DEEBOT T9+ for illustration. DEEBOT T9+ is revolutionizing the at-home experience with its industry-first built-in Air Freshener. When this cleaning robot performs its cleaning tasks, it will simultaneously dispense a relaxing fragrance and absorb smells with its three-layer filtration system. The Air Freshener module boasts an interchangeable capsule design, offering a choice of three fragrances that can be easily swapped out.

Imagine enjoying a luxurious fragrance while your robotic vacuum does the cleaning for you. With the DEEBOT T9+, this is now a reality. Whether it's to create a relaxing ambiance, or simply indulge in a bit of luxury, the DEEBOT T9+ Air Freshener can help you achieve it. This can further bring extra benefits of removing odors for pet families.

Consistent Cleaning Schedule

Compared to traditional cleaning tools that require manual operation, automated cleaning robots can further bring a convenient and efficient cleaning experience because they can autonomously design cleaning schedules and complete cleaning cycles without human intervention.

DEEBOT floor cleaning robot is equipped with Air Freshener

Users can set a cleaning schedule using the companion app of their robot vacuum cleaner, add tasks to the to-do list, and send directions to their cleaning robots remotely. As a diligent cleaning companion, vacuum robots can work constantly during a cleaning section and return to recharge themselves and get themselves prepared for the next task, ensuring that the home is always clean and tidy.

You can control your cleaning robots even if you are away from home. Users of DEEBOT products can deliver demands remotely through ECOVACS HOME App. This app bridges users and their cleaning robots for home so that they can send their robots to clean, check the real-time working status, and adjust cleaning modes to make sure their cleaning robots work on arranged schedule.

Reducing Physical Strain with Automatic Vacuum Cleaners

Automatic vacuum cleaners can reduce the risk of physical strains observed as a result of long-time physical labor. After breaking from a long busy day, homeowners may find it extremely tiring to simply bend down to pick up the debris. What’s worse, using traditional vacuuming can add to the body's burden due to age, health conditions, or mobility limitations. In these cases, using a robot vacuum cleaner like ECOVACS DEEBOT can help alleviate this burden while ensuring the home remains clean.

Cleaning robots are generally small and compact devices. Therefore, they can clean dead corners that are hard for traditional cleaning tools to reach, such as the area under the bed and sofa. Driven by the inbuilt motor, cleaning robots for home can automatically move without intervention. Moreover, they have advanced sensors and cameras to see their surrounding environments and navigate themselves to avoid obstacles that hinder their way. These features help to reduce manual labor to a minimum and release you from physical strains caused by home cleaning.

Quiet and Efficient Cleaning

The noise produced in the cleaning process was once a problem that bothers homeowners for years. With cleaning robots for home, this condition has improved with the application of soundproof materials that reduce noise volume to a level as low as possible.

For instance, DEEBOT X1 OMNI operates at a low decibel level of 66 dB, allowing you to carry on with your daily activities without causing discomfort or disturbance. This means that you can clean your home while talking on the phone, watching TV, or even sleeping, without any interruption.

DEEBOT Robot Vacuum features OZMO mopping system

Some people worry that this may influence the cleaning efficiency of robot cleaners. A reduced noise level doesn’t necessarily indicate a sacrifice in its cleaning efficiency. Our DEEBOT T10 PLUS works as efficiently as upright vacuums in terms of vacuuming. Supported by a suction power of 3000 Pa and dual brushes, this vacuum and mop robot can efficiently collect dust, hair, and particles.

Remote Monitoring and Control

By allowing for remote monitoring and control, cleaning robots for the home further release your hands from your daily cleaning tasks. For instance, ECOVACS DEEBOT products come with ECOVACS HOME App that permits users to access their smart devices through smartphones. This app allows users to control their robot vacuum cleaner remotely when they are away from home, monitor the robot vacuum cleaner's cleaning progress, and receive notifications.

For vacuum robots equipped with sensors and mapping technology like DEEBOT N8+, you can unlock more unique features that can challenge traditional ways of house cleaning. This cleaning robot can understand the layout of your rooms and generate virtual maps based on the results. On the one hand, these maps are accessible on your app so that you can design your cleaning plan accordingly. On the other hand, your cleaning robots can direct themselves at your command. These features make it easier to maintain a clean and healthy home with DEEBOT N8+.

Enhanced Safety and Security with Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Cleaning robots for home can contribute to enhanced safety and security within the household. With their developed sensors and navigation systems, these devices can navigate around obstacles and avoid stairs, ensuring that they do not cause accidents or damage to furniture. These latest developments help to avoid risks such as collision, falls, and malfunctions, protecting both your household and your vacuum robots.

Your cleaning robots can safeguard your home as well. DEEBOT T10 PLUS is equipped with a built-in camera that can detect motion. This camera is connected to users’ phones through ECOVACS HOME App, which will send notifications on abnormal conditions in the room. Users can check the real-time working condition through this camera as well. This provides an added layer of security, allowing homeowners to keep an eye on their homes while they are away. They can also use the cameras to check on their pets or children while they are out, providing additional peace of mind.


Cleaning robots for home can bring you unexpected benefits that not only improve your living environment but the quality of your life. If you are ready to adopt a robot vacuum cleaner and embrace a cleaner, healthier living environment, you shall not miss ECOVACS DEEBOT cleaning robots, an investment that pays off immediately.

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