Secrets To A Pristine Living Room: Cleaning Tips And Tricks


Man casually reading a magazine on the couch in the living room

Waking up to a pristine living room can set a good mood for the rest of the day. The living room should be a place to spend quality time with your family and friends, yet this is often the most high-traffic area in the house, with furniture such as couches, TVs and coffee tables subject to dust, pet hair and food crumbs. For mental and physical well-bring reasons, developing a cleaning routine can significantly help maintain the space and keep it a place for quality relaxation.

What You’ll Need To Clean Your Living Room


Before diving into the cleaning process, first you will need good tools. In most household, you can find the following cleaning supplies:

  • A vacuum cleaner
  • A mop
  • Microfiber cloths
  • Dusting tools
  • All-purpose cleaner
  • Glass cleaner
  • Upholstery cleaner

If you are missing some of these items, be creative and use alternative products as substitutes. For example, use old t-shirts for microfiber cloths, or DIY your own all-purpose cleaner with vinegar, distilled water and washing soda. You can even add your favourite essential oils for scent.

How To Deep Clean The Living Room Step By Step

woman useing a microcloth and cleaner to wipe down a side table in the living room

Deep cleaning your living room may seem a lot of work in the beginning, and yes, it will get messy again. But we can promise that you will not regret it when you see the results, after all, no one will hate a clean and organized place. This is why it is important to build a routine, once you get into it, it becomes habits not work. To help you develop that routine, here is a checklist on how to deep clean a living room:

Safety Precautions:

Safety always comes first. Before jumping right in, remove any sharp objects and wear protections like gloves, goggles, face masks and even shoes to protect yourself. Other safety precautions include reading labels on cleaning products to avoid mixing incompatible chemicals and never using a ladder alone.


The first step on the checklist is decluttering. Throw away any unwanted items like left-over food and used tissue papers. Then sort and organize your belongings into groups. For instance, gather all the toys together, as well as magazines, remotes and the likes. This way you have a better idea of how many items will stay in the living room.

Dusting Surfaces

Dust accumulates on surfaces, thus the next task is dusting the fan blades, light fixtures, decorations, pictures and any other surfaces. Don’t forget to include walls and corners where dust tends to settle. Other than using microfiber cloths or dusters to collect dust, a pro-tip is applying anti-static sprays on glass surfaces.

Upholstery And Furniture

After that, you can move on to deep clean large furniture, which is usually the couch. Begin by vacuuming and wiping down the upholstery. Different materials such as leather and fabric require specific cleaning methods, therefore always check the manual beforehand for proper maintenance. Take the pillow cases out and wash them regularly.

Floor Cleaning:

Next on the checklist is floor cleaning. For hard surfaces like hardwood or tiled floors, simply vacuum and mop with proper floor cleaners. If you have carpets or rugs, remember to switch the attachment on your vacuum. Alternatively, you can outsource to a robotic vacuum cleaner and mop, such as the DEEBOT T20 OMNI with automatic mop-lifting features, allowing the robot floor cleaner to identity and lift the mop out of the way to keep the carpet and rugs clean and dry, then return to mop on hard floors.

DEEBOT using automatic mop-lifting feature during cleaning process

Deep Cleaning Rugs And Carpets:

Deep cleaning rugs and carpets is necessary as they easily trap dirt, dust and food crumbs in between. Depending on the material, ensure to adjust the vacuum settings. For instance, use an upholstery attachment for thin pile rugs. When washing them, pay attention to using the appropriate carpet cleaner or rug shampoo, as some cleaners may be too strong for delicate rugs.

Refreshing And Organising Shelves And Cabinets:

Refresh the shelves and cabinets by dusting objects such as books and decorations. Take them all out for a thorough clean, especially corners that are often missed. Take the time to organise your belongings and donated any unwanted items. Finish by wiping down the shelves and cabinets.

Cleaning Windows:

Clear windows bring in more sunlight to the space. Ensure your safety when cleaning the windows, especially when you are living in a high-rise apartment building. Consider a window cleaning robot like WINBOT for a professional and safe cleaning.

Window Covers:

Whether you are using curtains, blinds or shutters, vacuum or dust them first, followed by a thorough wipe with microfibre clothes. From time to time, take them down for a wash. It is recommended to check the manual beforehand since different types of materials will need specific washing procedures and cleaners.

Freshen The Air:

The last step on the checklist is spraying some environmental-friendly air freshener. Scents like lavender and citrus offer a sense of calmness and relaxation. Open the windows for air circulation as fresh air can bring some freshness to the space.

Electronics Maintenance:

For electronic appliances such as televisions and gaming consoles, make sure you dust and check cables for frays from time to time for maintenance purpose.

Tips For Tough Stains And Problem Areas:

When treating stubborn stains, it would be helpful to use targeted stain removers. For unpleasant odours, try to find out what causes the smell, whether it is the leftover food or humidity. The former is easy to treat, simply throw the food away and open the window to let the smell go away. For the humidity issue, consider getting a dehumidifier, keeping the window closed and applying odour eliminator.

Maintaining A Clean Living Room


Regular maintenance is crucial to keep your living room in pristine condition. On a daily basis, dust and vacuum regularly to keep the surface tidy, and clean up spills immediately to avoid pest issues. A weekly decluttering is necessary to keep the space organized. Follow the above deep cleaning checklist bi-weekly or monthly. If you have a busy schedule, smart home devices like automatic vacuum cleaner and mop allow you to preset cleaning schedules for a hands-free experience.


How often should I clean the living room?

Depending on the situation, for example, things tends to get messy quicker in a household with children. Deep cleaning is recommended on a bi-weekly or monthly basis, while decluttering and cleaning up spills can be done frequently for maintenance.

What is a checklist for living room cleaning?

A checklist essentially helps establish a cleaning routine, so you feel effortless after it becomes a habit. From vacuuming to deep cleaning carpets and window covers, a checklist ensures you do not miss a spot in the living room.

How to prevent dust build-up in the living room?

Frequent dusting, using anti-static sprays and proper ventilation help maintain cleanliness. If these are too time-consuming, smart cleaning devices such as automatic vacuums and mops can automate the process and navigate with advanced technology to ensure there is no missing spot.

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