ECOVACS ROBOTICS Delivers New Cost Effective Everyday Solution With Sub-$400 Smart Robotic Vacuum, The DEEBOT U2


ECOVACS ROBOTICS Delivers New Cost Effective Everyday Solution With Sub-$400 Smart Robotic Vacuum, The DEEBOT U2

DEEBOT U2 delivers smart, powerful suction, dual mopping and vacuuming at $399.

Sydney, Australia, 3 February, 2021–ECOVACS ROBOTICS, a global leader in home robotics, has today announced the launch of the DEEBOT U2, an affordable all-in-one home vacuuming and mopping robot. Priced at $399 and available from tomorrow, it delivers features previouslyseen in significantly higher priced models, including fantastic suction power, ECOVACS’ OZMOadvanced mopping system, smart move navigation and the ability to schedule and manage the cleaning through a dedicated smartphone app.

Today’s introduction of the DEEBOT U2further expands the Australian range of ECOVACS ROBOTICS smart cleaning robots, delivering a product for every need and price point, and reinforcing its vision of“A Robot for Every Family”as Australians continue to embrace smart technology in the home.

“Weare continuously striving to help Australian families free up time from cumbersome chores so that they can focus on more enjoyable things during their rare downtime. Having a reliable, cost effective robotic vacuum solution such as the DEEBOT U2 is an important way to both make our technology as accessible as possible, as well as hopefully encouraging some Australianconsumers to move to a robotic vacuum cleaner for the first time.” saidKaren Powell, Head of Australia and New Zealand for ECOVACS ROBOTICS.

Enhanced all-round 2-in-1 robot deep cleans with the OZMOTMMopping System

With ECOVACS’ leading dual mopping and vacuuming technology combining a 400ml dustbinand 300ml water reservoir, the DEEBOT U2 can vacuum and mop an entire home in a single go.The new model uses ECOVACS’ OZMOTMadvanced mopping and four-stage cleaning system to make sure no dirt is left behind.

Users can easily install the cleaning cloth plate to switch between vacuum and mopping functions and the electronically controlled water pump consistently draws water from the reservoir offering a superior and safe mopping performance.

The DEEBOT U2 offers both a standard mode for everyday clean ups, as well as Max+ mode for intense deep cleaning performance that boosts suction power 2.5 times to handle the most demanding of cleaning challenges. A three-layer filter including sponge and filter elements enables the robot to scoop up micrometer size particles without stirring up dust to maintain fresh air and a healthy environment for users.

Intelligent Cleaning for All Your Needs

The DEEBOT U2 features Smart Move navigation on hard floors to optimise an ideal cleaning path with an efficient systematic pattern, and protect furniture using their anti-collision sensors and soft cushion bumpers.

Designed to deliver the right tool for every job, the DEEBOT features a suite of targeted cleaning mode options including auto mode for general cleaning, edge mode and spot cleaning to manage special cleaning requirements. A magnetic boundary stripe (available to be purchased separately) provides added control over the cleaning routine and allows users to block areas of the homethey don’t wantdisturbed.

Furthermore, the ECOVACS’ HOME App provides users with a “human friendly interface”for easy operation. The app enables users to easily schedule and manage cleaning routines and operating modes. It fits seamlessly into your lifestyle by conveniently working with Amazon Echo or Google Home.

Working Longer and Covering More Ground

With up to 110 minutes of run time, and the ability to automatically return to charger when it runs low, the DEEBOT U2 can clean entire homes in a single charge.

The DEEBOT U2 is available from Thursday the 4thof February, with an RRP of $399 from Bunnings and JB HiFi, with Godfreys and The Good Guys to follow.

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Pricing and Availability

The DEEBOT U2 is available from Thursday the 4thof February, 2021 with an RRP of $399 from Bunnings & JB HiFi.

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