How to Compare Robot Vacuum Cleaners


Cleaning your house is a time-consuming chore that can be greatly simplified by a robot vacuum cleaner. We'll want one that is strong, comparatively quiet, and doesn't need continual maintenance.


However, you might run into trouble when you make a purchase. This is due to the sheer number of brands and models in front of you. You need to gain the comparison skills necessary to make a wise choice for yourself.


In this blog, we will show you how to compare robot vacuum cleaners. Being a seasoned robot vacuum innovator and manufacturer, we will guide you in selecting the ideal housework partner for your family.


In reality, a robot vacuum is quite complicated. As professionals, we may need to examine numerous pieces of data as professionals; however, as customers, you don’t need to understand the operation logic and techniques behind the robot. There are just a few points you need to double-check when purchasing a robot vacuum cleaner.


What to Look for in Robot Vacuum Cleaners


Before comparing robot vacuum cleaners, you should first figure out what to look for in robot vacuum cleaners. Here we list several features that you should pay attention to.


1. Navigation


Navigation determines the cleaning efficiency of your robot vacuum cleaner. There are two mainstream navigation systems on the market: gyroscope and laser-based. The former is a mature and stable technology that has been developed for decades. The latter has been very popular in recent years since it is more powerful and intelligent.


Our ECOVACS engineering teams have creatively developed TrueMapping technology, which combines advanced DToF laser sensor with Lidar to support RVC LIDAR. You can also find this advanced technology applied on self-driving cars.


truemapping technology of ECOVACS 


Newer DEEBOT models generate realistic 3D maps, allowing them to quickly navigate an effective and thorough cleaning route with no traffic jams.


2. Suction Power


Suction power determines the vacuuming performance of your robot vacuum cleaner. Generally, increased suction power equals better vacuuming performance. It can collect dirt and trash more easily.


Typically, 2000pa will cover your house cleaning demands. With the advancement of technology, suction power has been greatly enhanced. Newer models may have a suction power of around 5000pa. And most robot vacuum cleaners in the market have a suction power of between 2000pa to 3000pa.


3. Can it Mop?


Some robotic vacuum cleaners are designed and manufactured to do all of your cleaning tasks at once, which means they support both vacuuming and mopping at the same time. Vacuum and mop in one can definitely be your helpful partner.


4. Self-empty


Cleaning the dustbin is one of the most irritating aspects of any vacuum cleaner. The bags contain a lot of fine dust, and they must be gently emptied to avoid causing a mess.


Fortunately, certain robot vacuum cleaners are constructed with intelligent container emptying mechanisms. This occurs automatically, similar to how some models recharge themselves. Some types can even self-empty the dustbin, which can completely free your hands.


When you are comparing robot vacuum cleaners, it will be wise to reach if they have self-empty features.


How Much are Robot Vacuum Cleaners


Price is also an important factor when selecting the robot vacuum cleaners. At ECOVACS, prices for robot vacuums range from under $400 to well over $1,000. Generally, the more advanced functions a robot vacuum cleaner has, the more expensive it is. You'll spend extra money for those with flashy features that make your life easier.


Let’s take the mopping system as an example. ECOVACS has researched and developed the OZMO Pro mopping system which aims to scrub away tough stains like pet prints or yesterday's orange juice drops. To deliver a superior clean, the inbuilt electric mophead vibrates up to 480 times per minute.


And the upgraded OZMO Pro 3.0 provides a full reciprocating vibration at a maximum frequency of 600 times per minute. Prepare for sparkling clean floors to become a part of your regular routine.


OZMO Pro 3.0 of ECOVACS 


As for the OZMO Turbo, this pressured two-disk mop works twice as hard to remove tough stains. Counter-rotating cloth plates spin at 180 RPM to remove dirt from the floor. With a 15% larger mop pad area, all that enormous mopping power reaches maximum coverage.


You have to pay different prices for the above-mentioned mopping systems. And that’s why prices for DEEBOTs differ.


DEEBOT Robot Vacuum Cleaners


To help you compare different DEEBOTs, we have made a comparative chart of our several best-selling products for you to make a choice.







TrueMapping 2.0

TrueMapping 2.0


Suction Power




Mopping System

OZMO Turbo 2.0 Rotating Mopping System

OZMO Pro 3.0 Oscillating Mopping System







If you have a limited budget, you can try DEEBOT N8 PLUS, which offers an excellent cleaning experience with 2300Pa suction force and OZMO cleaning system.


DEEBOT T10 PLUS, with the updated TrueMapping 2.0, can deliver more precise navigation and mapping. Its enhanced 3000Pa suction power ensures a deep vacuuming of your floor. And the OZMO pro 3.0 oscillating mopping system brings outstanding mopping experience.


DEEBOT X1 OMNI is ideal for powerful vacuuming and shiny floors. The superior 5000Pa is incredibly strong to capture dust and particles. Equipped with the advanced OZMO Turbo rotating mopping system, it will bring the mopping experience to the next level.


The above-mentioned factors are basic for you to make a decision. There are many other factors that you can consider when purchasing. For example, if you live in a super big house, you may also need to consider the battery capacity to ensure the vacuum robot can finish the cleaning task without charging. You can customize your own comparison frame based on your own needs.


Hope this blog can help you compare robot vacuum cleaners and find the one that suits you most. At ECOVACS, we will continue to innovate smart home robots and explore creative ways for robots to simplify and transform homeowners' lives. Join ECOVACS Club now to live smart and enjoy life!