What to Look for in a Robot Vacuum (Ultimate Buying Guide)


You're not the only guy who knows nothing about what to look for in a robot vacuum cleaner. Robot vacuums have improved significantly from their initial poor performance — imagine a big machine crashing into walls and furniture without collecting any dirt from the floors.


The designs of today are far more efficient in terms of cleaning and navigation. Some expensive but advanced ones even have self-emptying bases, so you don't have to worry about emptying the trash can as frequently. Some are smart enough to do both vacuuming and mopping for you while they can be operated via your mobile phone. So it's simple to understand why an increasing group of people are considering buying one of the top robot vacuums.


However, what exactly do you need from a robot vacuum cleaner? To help you choose which will work effectively for your floors, this guide will introduce the welcomed machine types in the market along with their special functions.


What to Look for in a Robot Vacuum


Unlike conventional vacuum cleaners which require their owners to move the suction nozzle around, robot vacuums navigate and clean your house on their own. However, some surfaces need to be handled with greater suction power or special care than others.


As a result, a robot vacuum cleaner must be able to recognize the difference of surfaces, like carpets and mats, and have the capacity to increase or decrease suction power according to the change of surfaces.


Meanwhile, you need to confirm if you need an all-in-one robot vacuum, which can provide both vacuuming and mopping, ensuring a totally hands-free enjoyable cleaning experience.


Nobody enjoys using a loud vacuum that creates a commotion as it cleans. Fortunately, the majority of robot vacuum cleaners are small and silent by design. Before making a purchase, pay particular attention to the noise levels stated by the brand. Decibels are used to measure noise levels. Better if the decibel level is lower.


Our ECOVACS DEEBOT X1 PLUS is an excellent choice. It performs well in almost every aspect and can definitely save you from tiring chores.




With a 4-stage deep cleaning system, DEEBOT X1 PLUS provides integrated sweep, suction with up to 5000Pa and powerful mopping for an effective clean with dust collection noises less than 80dB(A).


The TrueMapping 2.0 technology enables the robot vacuum to scan your sweet home precisely. The AI technology and an astrophotography-grade RGB camera equip the DEEBOT X1 PLUS with strong obstacle avoidance.


We have also divided our most welcomed ECOVACS DEEBOT into the following three categories to help you invest in a new helpful housework partner. Trust me, you will never be troubled with what to look for in a robot vacuum again after reading this article!



1. Smart Robot Vacuum


The internet is a wonderful tool that keeps us connected to both other people and our appliances. Nowadays, the majority of robot vacuums come with smartphone companion apps that give you complete control over your machine wherever you are.


In general, a robot vacuum with app capabilities usually enables interaction with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. If it does, you can activate its voice-command features by turning on the skill and commanding the vacuum to start cleaning by saying "Start cleaning!"


smart robot vacuum


Our ECOVACS DEEBOT X1 TURBO is the first ECOVACS vacuum robot developed with YIKO voice assistant and strong sound source localization technology. This brand-new AI voice control feature makes it effortless for you to guide DEEBOT to start its cleaning job. Just simply awaken your DEEBOT with “OK YIKO.” It will then follow your order and clean wherever you have commanded.


2. Robot Vacuum with Mapping


Mapping is a kind of advanced technology that can help vacuum robots avoid furniture, map your house, plan an area-based cleaning schedule or ensure every corner of your house is cleaned.


Usually, a robot vacuum with mapping is designed with a navigation system supported by algorithms and sensors. Some navigation models can avoid running into walls or furniture while smartly storing these patterns. Sensors enable the vacuum cleaners to identify which rooms in the house have not yet been cleaned. If you live in a two-story house with a stairway, the sensors are particularly crucial to ensure that the vacuum cleaner doesn’t fall off a ledge.


Equipping with the TrueMapping 2.0 technology, DEEBOT XI OMNI can effortlessly generate and store the map of your house while it can also navigate precisely and quickly. The good news is that currently we offer a DEEBOT X1 OMNI WHITE PACKAGE. It consists of X1 OMNI White, washable mopping pads, buddy kit and dust bags and can save you $50.


3. Self-Empty Robot Vacuum


Using robot vacuums without a self-empty function has only partially freed us from cleaning. Because we still need to manually empty their tiny trash cans.


The self-empty function is obviously a revolutionary innovation for vacuum robots. It allows you to put off routine maintenance for weeks without skipping any chore altogether.


self empty robot vacuum


Self-emptying robot vacuums are commonly graded according to how much dirt they can hold, or, easier, how many "days" they require to change disposable dust bag. Choosing our ECOVACS DEEBOT T10 PLUS will be a wise decision as it employs a 3.2L disposable dust bag. In other words, it may only require you to empty the dustbin after up to 60 days, which is dependent on your cleaning frequency and area size.


Another attractive feature is that even when you’re away, you can still check on everything at home with T10 PLUS. It is equipped with an advanced front-facing camera that enables you to view the house in real time! It will definitely be an effective helper. We also provide a cost-effective DEEBOT T10 PLUS PACKAGE with one year warranty for your DEEBOT.


Hope you’re clear with what to look for in a robot vacuum now. Many people believe robot vacuum cleaner is the unstoppable future. We are proud to tell you that at ECOVACS, the future is already here. We will keep on developing and offering more robot vacuums at cost-effective prices. Become a member of us and enjoy a convenient, smart and simple lifestyle.

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