How To Clean Your Home Office: The Complete Guide


After the shock of the pandemic, many companies are offering hybrid working arrangements to their employees. We are encouraged to work from home full-time or occasionally and consequently, we spend longer hours in our homes. It becomes a new item on our daily to-do list to clean home office. This is simultaneously adding an unexpected burden to our work.


We are aware of how a well-organized office can keep us concentrated on our screens and files and we understand how it can boost our working efficiency. The problem is cleaning on a daily basis is unreasonable for busy employees. Therefore, many people are using vacuum cleaning robots to save time and energy. Indeed, not only householders, many employees choose it as a good investment.


Do you want a clean home office back? Check out our tips for home office cleaning and work with our vacuum mopping robots to give your home office a fresh look.


How Do I Clean My Home Office?


It is easy to make resolutions to clean home offices but it is hard to carry out our plans, especially when we stand in messy rooms, watching the towering paper files. Perhaps we should break down the task into a few achievable steps.


Step 1 Declutter


Let’s get started by throwing away unnecessary things. You will find this is a simple but effective way to quickly keep everything in your office organized. You don’t have to strictly follow the guidelines of minimalism. Just simply grab a trash can, go through your desk, bookcases, and filing cabinets, then start throwing things away. Get rid of malfunctioning electronics, remove expired paper files, and throw out any dead plants. Take the chance to review everything in your home office. This may inspire you with new ideas for decorating your home office.


Step 2 Dusting


This is the most time-consuming step, but it can be easier than you think. First, divide your office into different cleaning areas based on the cleaning frequency. Windows and bookshelves don’t have to be cleaned every day. You can include them in your deep cleaning plan. Floors and desks need to be more frequently cleaned because we spend most of our time on them. 


You need to clean up the dust and debris from your floors using a broom or vacuum first. Then use a wet cloth to mop the floors. As for desks, since you have cleared your desktop in the first step, you can simply wipe the dust away from the surfaces and rearrange your documents, books, and computers.


Actually, the simplest and most effective way to clean home office is to hand this task to a cleaning robot. For instance, our DEEOBOT X1 OMNI series is able to achieve cleaning and mopping in one go, thus saving you much time and energy from cleaning.


Step 3 Disinfecting


Since the outbreak of the pandemic, many employees have added this step to their house cleaning schedule. Indeed, disinfecting regularly is essential to building a hygienic working environment, as well as a healthy figure. 


You can use apply detergent products to your cloth when mopping your floors or desks. Currently, there are many disinfectant products on the market, including chemical products and other inactive agents. Make sure that your disinfectant product passes the EPA standard. 


Step 4 Maintaining


Last but not least, remember that if you don’t want to clean home office every day or get yourself buried by dust, spare a little time and effort every day to care for your refreshed home office.


 robot vacuum clean home office


Home Office Cleaning using Robot Vacuum with Mapping Technology


There are a few challenges in home office cleaning. It is generally a small room with many furniture, which means more dead corners for cleaning. If your home office is in a similar condition, we suggest you bring a robot vacuum with mapping technology home to replace manual work or a vacuum. They are more compact and can reach corners that are hard for brooms and vacuums to reach. They can also detect and avoid obstacles when cleaning. 


Currently, DEEBOT T10 PLUS is among the most popular cleaning robots with mapping technology in the market. This robot is powered by ECOVACS’s TrueMapping 2.0 technology. It can scan your room and generate a digital 3D map within minutes. You can further customize your cleaning plan for specific rooms or areas. Also, this vacuum robot has 3000 Pa of suction power that can eliminate dust and debris with one go. It can tackle almost all types of floors. For example, this cleaning robot will automatically adjust its power while moving from wood floors to carpets to clean home office.


How Does Robot Vacuum Mapping Work


ECOVACS’s TrueMapping 2.0 system is supported by dToF sensors and laser-based LiDar. The two inbuilt sensors are able to scan your home and generate virtual 3D maps of your room environment and automatically navigate through your room. Therefore, they are intelligent enough to design cleaning paths to achieve the ideal effects.


robot vacuum mapping work


This technology is further supported by ECOVACS Home app. Set DEEBOT N8 PRO+ for example. You can open your DEEBOT and connect it to your mobile phone through this app. Make sure that your DEEBOT and your phone are connected to the same WIFI. Then you can use your robot to map your home office. This cleaning robot supports multi-floor mapping. You can save the data from different floors on your phone and send your robot to a designated area.




If you want to keep your home office clean and organized, it is important to clean them regularly. You will find it is easy to clean home offices as long as you remember to follow our steps. Besides, don’t forget to take the chance to get yourself relaxed and inspired during cleaning. Do you want to enjoy a clean home office without all the harassment? We have one last piece of advice for you. You have worked so hard for so long every day. You deserve a cleaning robot award for your diligence and dedication.


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