Mopping Vacuum: An Alternative to Sweeping Floors


When vacuuming a floor, you may have experienced handling a sticky stain in some areas. After vacuuming, no choice but to manually remove the stain with a mop or a wet cloth. Even though some have invested in one robot vacuum to reduce parts of chores, they still need to add“mopping the floor” into their chores chart as a regular task.  


Fortunately, with the advances in technology, there are an increasing number ofmopping vacuums in the market. Afloor mopping vacuum is a perfect alternative for those who do not want to invest time in manual cleaning. These robot mops combine vacuuming and mopping functions and can mop and vacuum at the same time, allowing you to clean the entire floor in a single pass, which is an upgrade of the traditional method.


In this article, we will delve intomopping vacuums so that you can comprehensively understand this emerging 2-in-1 cleaning robot.


How a Mopping Vacuum Works


How does a mopping vacuum work? Actually, this is very simple: the robot vacuum cleaner comes with a water reservoir, which can be filled with water and cleaning solutions (ECOVACS sells special cleaning solutions specially designed for mopping vacuums). At the bottom of the vacuum cleaner, there is a mopping pad that can be replaced if it is dirty.


This hybrid is designed to clean more surfaces, including wood, vinyl, tile, laminate, rubber, carpet and so on. Mopping vacuums may clean your floor completely by sucking up little particles and hair, as well as wiping away discolored areas.


Typically, mopping vacuums have two separate compartments to collect dust and add water. That results in a problem of limited space for the dust bin and water reservoir, which requires users to frequently empty them. However, some DEEBOT series models produced by ECOVACS, a famous global robot vacuum provider, has equipped with an intelligent base station, which can automatically refill the water reservoir and empty and dustbin.


Besides, you can choose the cleaning modes according to your needs. Many mopping vacuums allow you to switch modes via the app. Also, you can decide on the following:


  • Whether to mop after vacuuming or do both together (for some advanced mopping vacuums)
  • Setting a certain amount of water
  • Place needs to mop and areas not to mop


mopping vacuum works 


A Simpler Way to Keep Your Floors Clean


Using mopping vacuums in your home or office can benefit you a lot. Just press the button, and this smart cleaning device will move around in the house to vacuum and mop the floor. So what are the benefits of using a robot mop? Here are just a few:


  • It can help keep your floors clean and sanitary.

The mopping vacuums can take a deep cleaning than the vacuums that have a single function, eliminating dust and pet hair from your floors and carpets.


  • It’s a perfect way to save energy and time.

Some mopping vacuums include a function that can automatically refill the water reservoir and remove the collected dust, saving lots of energy and time and providing a hands-free experience.


  • lIt’s easy to operate.

Mopping vacuums are convenient to use. Some DEEBOT models allow you to choose different cleaning modes according to the actual situation, which is practical during the floor cleaning process.


CanMopping and Vacuum Robot Clean All Surfaces?


Generally, with mapping function and obstacle detection, smart mopping robots will generally detect the carpet and automatically switch their cleaning modes to clean it. However, what kinds of surfaces can the vacuuming mops handle in addition to the carpets?


  • lHardwoods and bamboo flooring

Floors made of hardwood or bamboo can benefit from a little spray, so it is suitable to use mopping vacuums if the floor of your house is hardwood or bamboo materials. And if you choose DEEBOT, some models allow you to set the amount of water when it is mopping.


  • lVinyl flooring

Vinyl plank is a popular flooring material commonly used in bathrooms, living rooms, and kitchens. A vacuum robot with mopping can do a better job in deep cleaning vinyl flooring by removing all the dust and debris, as well as the stubborn stains.


  • Linoleum flooring

An attractive and cost-effective linoleum floor can be easily cleaned. But you still need to mop and maintain your linoleum floors regularly and properly. A mopping vacuum can remove the dust and stains on the linoleum flooring easily while don’t cause any damage.


ECOVACS DEEBOT mopping vacuums can also be used to clean other floorings like tile, laminate, and rubber. And if your house has multi-surfaces flooring, you can easily customize cleaning styles according to the specific needs of each surface type, which is practical and convenient.


ECOVACS DEEBOT N8+ Mopping Vacuum


The DEEBOT N8+, combining a vacuum and mop, employs ultrasonic sensors to avoid carpet when cleaning hard surfaces, and it automatically increases the suction force when vacuuming carpets. Besides, its suction power is upgraded to 2300Pa for deep cleaning, eliminating dust and pet hair from your floors and carpets.


N8+ also is friendly to people who have an allergy or are obsessed with cleanliness. With three layers, its dust bag can effectively filter 99% of the particle dust and allergens as small as 2.5µm.


ECOVACS DEEBOT N8+ mopping vacuum 


Compatible with the brand new auto-empty station,ECOVACS DEEBOT N8+ mopping vacuum can save both your time and energy, delivering a powerful in-depth cleaning experience without collisions and liberating your hands without cleaning the dustbin. In a word, DEEBOT N8+ is worth your investment.


Themopping vacuums allow you to say goodbye to mops because the most advanced robotic vacuums today are equipped with vacuuming and mopping two functions. You can complete two tasks with one gadget that does everything for you - hands-free!


Besides, when selectingmopping vacuums, you need to look for the models that include carpet detection, like our DEEBOT series. They can intelligently avoid carpets and also support customized cleaning. So you can schedule cleaning with app control. It can be said that advanced technology has changed the way we live and makes life happier and easier.


If you want to find more hi-techmopping vacuums, you can start your new cleaning journey with the support of ECOVACS.