How to Set up Your Home Before a Vacuum Mop in One Cleans?

As the latest innovation from the industry of cleaning robots, a vacuum mop in one is designed to further facilitate house cleaning and maintenance. ECOVACS DEEBOT series are well-trusted products among them. Yet, many people are far away from maximizing the value of their cleaning robots.

Today, we are here to offer you detailed guidance on how to prepare your homes to ensure the optimal performance and efficiency of your cleaning robots.

Understanding Your Vacuum Mop in One Device

Understanding the key features and its operating mechanism is the first step to getting yourself and your home ready to maximize its value. Compared to traditional vacuum robots or vacuum cleaners, a vacuum mop in one is advanced in that it can simultaneously complete two stages of cleaning, sweeping, and mopping.

Let’s feature DEEBOT X1 OMNI for illustration. This vacuum mop robot is designed with an inbuilt water tank and mopping cloth underneath its main body, which enables it to wipe dirt, stains, and spills and achieve deep cleaning. The device also has AIVI 3D feature that can recognize humans, animals, and other household items to automatically avoid obstacles when cleaning, thus taking good care of your floors. It has adopted a 4-Stage Deep Cleaning System that integrates various modes of cleaning which you can choose from.

As smart devices, robot vacuum and mop in one can save your time and energy spent in preparation work. DEEBOT T10 PLUS allows you to deliver voice commands to control and customize the cleaning process. Equipped with TrueMapping 2.0 Technology and advanced sensors and cameras, this device can create a map of your home and plan an efficient cleaning path. Once set up appropriately, it can intelligently navigate through your rooms without human intervention.

These smart devices can learn and understand their working environment as well. For instance, DEEBOT N8+ can save multiple maps and adapts its cleaning pattern according to the condition of the floor, which can maximize the effort invested in preparing your home.

Clearing Obstacles for Your Mop and Vacuum in One

Quickly walk through your rooms to clear obstacles that may hinder the cleaning path. Pay close attention to toys, cables, and small objects to prevent your vacuum mop in one from getting stuck or damaging its inner components.

Although most cleaning robots have inbuilt sensors that enable them to detect the surrounding environment, we still suggest you rearrange large furniture to create a path for your cleaning robots to avoid a collision. Besides, don’t forget to secure light furniture like floor mirror and loosen rugs because your cleaning robots can crash with them and lead to accident fall or tears.


DEEBOT vacuum robots have advanced obstacle avoidance technology

Users of DEEBOT mop and vacuum in one cleaning robot may the task of clearing obstacles easy to complete with the help of AIVI Technology. This latest breakthrough from ECOVACS is exclusively developed for users to better experience smart cleaning. This technology is based on the built-in optical lens, which gives DEEBOT robots the ability to learn from their working environments and an updated database that covers common household items like cables, rugs, and slippers.

Supported by this technology, DEEBOT products can see and understand their working environment, autonomously navigate through the cleaning area, adapt to different environments, and optimize their cleaning patterns for increased efficiency.

Setting Boundaries for Your Robot Vacuum and Mop in One

Set boundaries for your robot vacuum to avoid risky areas

For rooms with complex layouts, you can set virtual boundaries so that your cleaning robot can sweep and mop along the scheduled path. This can be easily achieved through the mobile app that connects your smart devices. For instance, our DEEBOT T9 PLUS can map your rooms and create visualized virtual maps with ECOVACS HOME App. By checking the layout of the room through the virtual map, users can set virtual barriers or no-go zones with this app. They can also make use of this feature to prevent the device from entering areas that should not be cleaned, such as pet areas or delicate surfaces.

Preparing Floors for Optimal Cleaning Performance

Vacuum mop in one cleaning robot like the DEEBOT series from ECOVACS has cleaning modes for different types of flooring. This may require your varied treatment and preparations for specific floors.
For hardwood floors and tile floors, you can manually remove large debris in case it may leave scratches on the surface. You can simultaneously check if there are stubborn stains and subsequently send your vacuum and mop robots to spot-clean them. Most important of all, make sure that your floor is dry because excessive moisture can sweep into the seams and cause your hardwood floor to swell.

Scheduling Your Vacuum Mop in One for Maximum Efficiency

Setting a cleaning schedule can not only save you time but also improve the cleaning performance of your cleaning robot. The tips below can help you have a quick start.
  • Consider the working environment Your home's size, number of residents, and level of foot traffic are factors to consider because they can decide how frequently you need to clean your floors. This can also influence how long your cleaning robot can work continuously.
  • Customize cleaning areas You can set virtual boundaries to prevent your cleaning robots from entering areas. This also helps to reduce the risk of collision and accidental falls.
  • Optimize cleaning times Carefully schedule the working time of your cleaning robots so that they will not interrupt during your busy times. You may send it to work when you are asleep and embrace a refreshed home when you wake up.
  • Use app control Some cleaning robots like ECOVACS DEEBOT products allow for app control or have built-in scheduling features. They can avail you in making plans and receiving real-time feedback.


We have heard complaints from people about how difficult it is to control their cleaning robots. To address this need, ECOVACS develops its ECOVACS HOME App, a convenient and user-friendly companion app for our users. In this app, the layout of rooms is visualized in the form of virtual maps. Users can set cleaning schedules, adjust cleaning preferences, create virtual boundaries, and check the real-time working status of their cleaning robots so that their DEEBOT cleaning robots can work as they expect. Featuring a simple UI, even starters with DEEBOT products can easily find the directions. This app bridges you with your cleaning robots, as well as your home.


Adopting a cleaning robot is necessarily equal to a hands-free experience in house cleaning. Simply follow our suggestions to prepare your floors before sending your vacuum mop in one cleaning robot to work and they will surprise you with improved cleaning efficiency in return. You can find more surprises at ECOVACS DEEBOT line of products. Check it now.

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