Why Does My Robot Vacuum Have A Red Light?


robot vacuum cleaner working on living room floor while owner watches

Robot vacuum cleaners are becoming common among households as they allow users to adopt a hands-free approach to cleaning their homes. In fact, according to Statista, the revenue generated by the domestic service robotics market in the United States — which includes smart vacuums — is projected to reach US$2.32 billion in 2024. In addition, it is expected to show an annual growth rate of 14.73%, resulting in a market volume of US$4.02 billion by 2028.

As convenient as robotic vacuums can be, they can come with frustrations, especially when their warning signals show a flashing or steady red light, and you don’t understand the reason behind them. However, these indicator lights help users identify the vacuum’s status and any maintenance it requires. There are effective solutions and technologies that manufacturers like ECOVACS design to resolve these problems.

Why Your Robot Vacuum Have A Red Light?

When your robot vacuum displays a red light, it’s generally an indication of a specific issue or alert. The meaning behind the red light will vary depending on the brand. A solid red light usually suggests a serious issue or error that needs immediate attention, or is a prompt for the user to check the device and refer to the user manual or app for specific troubleshooting steps. A flashing red light, on the other hand, typically indicates a less critical issue that may still require attention but not necessarily immediate action. Here are some reasons behind these indications:

● Common reasons for a solid red light:

Severe jam: Something might be blocking the movement of your robot vacuum significantly, such as long hair or large debris in its wheels or brushes.

Major sensor malfunction: This may be a sign that a sensor important to the functioning of your appliance might be failing or blocked by dirt.

Battery problem: Consider the possibility that your robot vacuum battery isn’t charging or needs to be replaced due to failure.

● Common reasons for a flashing red light:

Minor jam: This may be an alert to draw your attention to a small and easily removable obstruction in the brushes or wheels.

Sensor alert: The sensors of your appliance may be temporarily blocked, which could interfere with its obstacle avoidance capability.

Maintenance reminder: This could be a prompt to empty the dustbin if it’s full or to clean the filters in case they’re clogged.

Low battery: A flashing red light on your robot vacuum cleaner may be a sign that the battery is low, but not yet depleted.

How To Fix Red Light on Robot Vacuum?

There are several ways to resolve problems indicated by a solid or flashing red light on a robot vacuum cleaner, from simple fixes at home to contacting the device’s manufacturer for more complicated issues.

How To Fix Solid Red Light on Robot Vacuum?

The most common reasons behind this are that the main brush roll isn’t spinning correctly, or the wheels are jammed. This can happen when binding obstacles like loose string, hair, or plastic bag bits get into these components. Turn off your smart vacuum, and flip it over. Remove obstructions from the main brush roll or wheels with your hand or by cutting them away with scissors. If the indicator light isn’t red and the appliance is working normally when you turn it on, the problem is resolved.

close-up of a robot vacuum cleaner pulling dirt out of a carpet

There are other reasons for your smart vacuum’s solid red light indication, such as a sensor malfunction or low battery power. Clear away dirt in front of the sensors or place your device in its docking station. If these solutions don’t work, it may mean you need to repair or replace the machine’s wheels, change specific sensors, or get a new battery.

How To Fix Solid Red Light on ECOVACS DEEBOT?

A solid red light on an ECOVACS DEEBOT could suggest different issues with the appliance, depending on the model. In an older model like an ECOVACS DEEBOT N8, it could signify that the dust bag is not installed, the auto-empty station failed to auto-empty the dust, or that the dust container lid is not closed. Check that the robot vacuum is properly connected to a power supply and that the power supply voltage is between 100V-240V.

Modern robots are now equipped with voice prompts to alert users to complications in their functioning, and the practice of alerting customers to malfunctions with red lights is less common. A malfunction indicator light might be activated on newer models like the ECOVACS DEEBOT X2 COMBO to alert users to a more serious problem with the device. In this case, contact ECOVACS Customer Care or look up the ECOVACS HOME app for specific details.

How To Fix Flashing Red Light on Robot Vacuum?

A flashing red light on an automatic vacuum cleaner usually indicates relatively minor and easily resolvable issues. The causes may be different, depending on the device’s model and manufacturer. It could be a reminder to perform routine maintenance on your robot vacuum. Turn off the device and remove small obstructions from the wheels or brushes, clear out the dustbin, and clean the filter. If the light stops flashing when you power the device up, and if it runs as usual, you’ve fixed the problem.

robot vacuum cleaner returning to its docking station to charge

Another explanation could be that the appliance’s battery requires charging. The device may need to return to its docking station to charge for 5 hours or more, and then resume cleaning. A flashing red light may also be a sign that the sensors are temporarily blocked by dust or debris that can be easily removed by wiping it away with a clean, soft cloth.

How To Fix Flashing Red Light on ECOVACS DEEBOT?

Flashing red lights are less common in ECOVACS DEEBOTs, and the indicator is not on the body of the robot vacuum. Instead, you’ll find it on the light strip on the front of the OMNI Station of newer models like the ECOVACS DEEBOT X2 OMNI or the latest ECOVACS DEEBOT T30S. If you see a flashing red light on the light strip of either of these models, it signifies a malfunction that you should look up in the ECOVACS HOME app.

When you see a red light on your robot vacuum cleaner, there are a few ways you can attend to it. A solid red light indicates a serious issue that requires your immediate attention, such as a major jam in the wheels or brushes, a blocked or failed sensor, or a significant battery problem. A flashing red light suggests a relatively minor problem like an overfull dustbin or clogged filters, blocked sensors, or low battery levels. Attend to these concerns by performing routine maintenance tasks for less critical issues, or consult your appliance’s manual or a professional service if problems persist.


How often should I clean my robot vacuum to avoid seeing the red light?

Clean your robot vacuum regularly to avoid seeing the red light. Most smart vacuum manufacturers recommend that users clean the side wheels and main brush once a week, and the side brushes every two weeks so that debris doesn’t get stuck in them. The bins of self-emptying robot vacuums should be cleared out every 60 days, at most.

Is it safe to use a robot vacuum if the red light is flashing?

Using a robot vacuum while the red light is flashing could cause further damage or impede the device’s functioning. This warning usually signifies less critical issues like a full or overflowing dustbin, depleted battery levels, or blocked sensors. However, ignoring it could result in loss of suction, interference in the navigation and mapping capabilities, and reduced battery life in your smart vacuum.

Will fixing the red light affect my warranty?

Unauthorized repairs or modifications on your device by either yourself or unapproved repair centres could affect the validity of your warranty. Minor troubleshooting like cleaning sensors or resetting the robot vacuum should not void the warranty if you follow the instructions in the user manual. Before attempting any fixes, contact the manufacturer's customer support so they can clarify what will affect your warranty.

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