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What Are The Different Types Of Vacuum Cleaners? (With Pros And Cons)
What Are The Different Types Of Vacuum Cleaners? (With Pros And Cons)
If you are on the lookout for a new vacuum cleaner, there are many criteria you should consider before making your purchase. Factors like the size of your household, the layout of your home and the flooring all have a bearing on the type of cleaner you buy. Then there are your personal preferences when it comes to housekeeping. Do you want something lightweight like a stick vacuum so that you can do a quick clean or a heavy-duty central vacuum that does a more thorough job? Maybe you’d
Why People With Disabilities Should Buy A Robot Vacuum (And How To Choose)
Many people are familiar with the feeling of procrastinating cleaning because it feels troublesome and repetitive. But for individuals with limited mobility and physical disabilities, a whole other set of challenges can stand between the desire to maintain an organized living space and the act of doing it. Whether it’s visual impairments, people who use wheelchairs, or those who live with chronic pain, traditional vacuum cleaners can be cumbersome, necessitate excess physical effort or sim
How To Choose The Right Robot Vacuum For Carpeted Floors
A carpet is a comfortable addition to any home, providing a cloud of softness and warmth underfoot. However, carpet fibers can trap allergens and pollutants like dust mites, microparticles of pollen and sand, dirt, and even mold spores, impacting indoor air quality. Shockingly, a single square meter of carpet can accumulate up to 4 kilograms of dirt in a year! More and more people are turning to robot vacuums to do the work of keeping their floors clean, and with advances in the industry, som
8 Reasons Not To Buy A Cheap Robot Vacuum Cleaner
So, you are in the market for a smart cleaning vacuum. Budget vacuum robots are tempting, and there are certainly products in lower cost brackets that deliver on cleaning performance. However, cheap robotic vacuum cleaners’ attractive price tags can be deceptive, requiring more repair and breaking down earlier than quality devices. The world of robot vacuums has developed to a point where there’s so much more on offer than just making regular vacuuming hands-free. These technical dif
Does Auto Empty Robot Vacuum Work on Concrete Floors?
Auto-empty robot vacuums are a brilliant design, offering homeowners more free time and less hassle in maintaining their living spaces. Among the top contenders in this innovative market, ECOVACS DEEBOT stands out as a reliable and efficient self-emptying robot vacuum, providing advanced cleaning solutions and smart technology for a truly hands-free experience. But do they work well on concrete floors? What is an Auto Empty Robot Vacuum? An auto-empty robot vacuum is an advanced type of r
How Smart Vacuum and Mop Clean Your House When You're Not Home
Managing your home while you are away can be a challenging task. It's always a relief when a friend is willing to stop by and assist with tasks such as watering plants, collecting mail, and taking out the garbage bins. Furthermore, having someone stay overnight to keep your pets company is a thoughtful gesture. However, it can be uncomfortable to ask a friend to perform housekeeping duties. Ideally, you want them to feel like a welcomed guest rather than a house cleaner. The dilemma remains: