The excitement of bringing a truly game-changing product to market


The excitement of bringing a truly game-changing product to market


Working in the consumer electronics industry for most of my career, I still get excited when I see products that truly bring to life an innovation that changes how we live. I am lucky enough to get to launch one of these products this spring. For the last year, our global team has been working on a home cleaning robot that will deliver the level of cleaning associated with high powered standup vacuums and standalone mops – both which require you to push them around – in one fully automated robot vacuum. Test groups told us that they wanted a cleaning solution that required less interaction from them, but also does not look like a bulky cleaning tool – and did we ever listen.

DEEBOT X1 OMNI Black and Auto-Empty Station on Clean Floor

I am excited to share that this spring we are launching the DEEBOT X1 OMNI, which intelligently, automatically, and deeply vacuums and mops, empties debris and dirty water into its station, and then washes, dries, and refills the mop. Seriously. The cherry on top? We collaborated with iconic product design firm Jacob Jensen Design, so that it integrates seamlessly and beautifully into any home. 

From an efficiency standpoint, we’ve doubled our vacuum suction capabilities from the previous DEEBOT model robot vacuums, delivering 5000 Pa of suction to bring a new level of vacuuming efficiency to robot vacuums, and have created a first-of-its kind mopping system. By integrating dual spinning mops with high-speed 180 RPM cleaning and downward directed force, the DEEBOT X1 OMNI will be the most efficient robot vacuum cleaner and mop solution on the market, removing stubborn stains even on textured or uneven surfaces like slate or hardwood.

Perhaps the most exciting thing about the DEEBOT X1 OMNI is that it delivers the world’s first natural language processing (NLP) technology into a cleaning robot. YIKO takes direct speech and commands without a third-party smart device. This unique feature allows it to remove third-party devices like Alexa and Google Home from the equation, opening smart home capabilities, and convenience to an entirely new demographic. You can just say, “OK YIKO, go clean around the couch in the living room,” and off it goes.

How does YIKO know to clean the living room? We’ve used the most advanced technologies on the market for mapping, navigation and obstacle recognition. The DEEBOT X1 OMNI has integrated LiDAR and dToF (an industry first) sensors that deliver 2X the precision and 4X the coverage of other products on the market. It also has an integrated camera vision with 3-dimensional scanning for the most advanced obstacle avoidance.  Combining these, X1 OMNI can quickly and automatically identify a room’s function (kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, dining room) and furniture (couch, bed, table) and label it as such, and quickly creating up to three 3D maps, covering each floor in your home.

If you want it to just vacuum, DEEBOT will vacuum every surface in your house. If you want to mop, just attach the mop pad and it will vacuum and mop all hard surfaces, and our advanced carpet avoidance ensures it just covers the hardwood floors and does not over-wet anything. Though one company claims the ability to lift its mop up to vacuum carpets while mopping hardwood floors in the same go, as the leading patent carrier in the space, and as a company that has tested this for years, if you want your carpet to not get wet and covered in dirt, separating the functions in one turn is critical. 

To round out the smartest, most advanced cleaning robot, the OMNI Station does it all: empties dirt and debris, washes the mops with a design that simulates hand washing, dries the mops to prevent bacteria growth, and refills the water tank with clean water. Automatically. With separate 4-liter clean and dirty water tanks and space for 3.0L disposable dust bags which remove 99.9% of particles, the DEEBOT cleaning robot is always standing by, ready for its next cleaning. 

I have launched close to 30 products in my career – and I have loved most of them. But this one to me is truly a game changer; reshaping home cleaning routines and revolutionizing the robot vacuum market.  It checks all boxes and promises a level of cleanliness and convenience, without being an eyesore, that I have yet to see in the space. 

But don’t just listen to me - the DEEBOT X1 OMNI has already been recognized with multiple awards based on specifications alone:



More to come this spring when we are shipping!

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