How to Clean Laminate Floors and Make Them Sparkle


Modern laminate flooring offers a stylish, affordable solution with incredibly realistic-looking surfaces and patterns. It may replicate the appearance of any kind of wood, including rare or exotic hardwoods, as well as stone and other types of flooring. Laminate flooring is resilient, and it doesn't expand or shrink as hardwood flooring does. Regularly performing minor maintenance will keep your floors appearing gleaming and new for many years.


However, a coin has two sides. Laminate flooring is more prone to moisture damage than real wood. Harsh cleaning materials can also easily harm the laminate floor, which requires every homeowner to pay more attention to its daily cleaning and maintenance. So, how to clean laminate floors and make them sparkle? Let's explore it together!


How to clean laminate floors?


Instead of using a regular broom and wet mop, use a vacuum cleaner to remove surface dirt. The floor will be covered in grit after being mopped with a wet mop. This will, at best, cause streaks and residue. At worst, the grit will pit and scrape your floor's surface. If you use a vacuum, get one that has a setting for hard floors to avoid scratching and harming laminate.


Maintaining your laminate floors on a daily basis would be nearly hard if you have children. Your laminate floor might get crayons, mud, ketchup, and juice stains, to name a few of the more typical ones. Rarely, someone may even have a little accident and spill ink or nail polish on their laminate flooring. 


How to clean laminate floors with these stubborn stains? Stubborn stains usually require excessive scrubbing, which can harm the laminate floor. To avoid causing any damage, you need to take extra caution. For instance, choose the right cleaning solution, pick the vacuum robot with stronger suction, etc.


Floor wax and polish are not necessary for laminate flooring because it already has a glossy finish and may potentially make your floors look duller. On laminate flooring, wax and the majority of polishing agents don't perform effectively. It makes your floor sticky and encourages dirt particles to attach to the surface of the floor rather than adding more shine to it.


How often to mop laminate floors?


robot vacuum mop laminate floors 


Daily dust mopping or vacuuming of laminate flooring is recommended to get rid of the grit and grime on the surface that can scratch the floor and harm its finish. Never overlook the area rugs' undersides, which might harbor debris that can harm flooring. Spills and muddy messes must be cleaned right away.


You should give the floors a thorough cleaning at least once a month, depending on how much traffic they receive. Obviously, kitchens and areas with high foot activity may require it more frequently. You can deep clean your kitchen laminate floors once a week.


What to use for laminate floor cleaning?


As we mentioned above, choosing the right cleaning solution is important for laminate floor cleaning. You need a safe and mild cleaning solution that doesn't contain any harmful chemicals. And it should also perform strong cleaning effects and are easy to use.


Cleaning your dirty laminate floors with our ECOVACS cleaning solution will be an enjoyable experience. Adding ionic surfactant to the ingredient, it can effectively remove common stains. Non-toxic, it can clean your laminate floor without harming it. Besides, it can leave your floor with a natural fresh wild bluebell fragrance.


Using vacuum mop for laminate floors


Our ECOVACS DEEBOT N8 PRO can vacuum effortlessly and safely on your laminate floors. Its novel pressure maintaining mechanism optimizes the robot's effectiveness and offers high suction up to 2,600 Pa. And the operation process is remarkably quiet thanks to its creative material and design of the suction channel. 


Besides, the DEEBOT N8 PRO can vacuum and mop at the same time, thanks to the OZMO mopping mechanism.


This DEEBOT can be controlled via the app. This cutting-edge technology enables you to quickly select four moisture levels for various demands and floor kinds, including laminate, timber floors, and tiles.


The DEEBOT N8 PRO has no trouble cleaning even long paths. The robotic vacuum cleaner immediately returns to its docking station if the battery is running low.


Once completely charged, it picks up where it left off, cleaning the floor. Thus, this DEEBOT ensures seamless cleaning.


robot vacuum automatically empty the dustbin


ECOVACS DEEBOT N8 PLUS is also an ideal purchase selection if you have more budget. It is equipped with an auto-empty station with a 2.5L capacity dust bag. As it can self-empty the dust container, you can enjoy the clean floors for weeks. You no longer need to worry about how to clean laminate floors while you are busy with work. Moreover, the disposable dust bag uses natural and eco-friendly materials. 


Tips to maintain laminate flooring clean


Though ECOVACS DEEBOT can make your laminate floor have a fantastic appearance, it is important to take precautions to preserve it that way. Taking protective measures can also reduce your cleaning pressure. Place indoor and outdoor floor mats at your home's entrances. Consider instituting a no-shoes policy at home and place a small reminder in the mudroom.


Clean up spills, messes, and overflowing plant watering cans right away. Additionally, apply floor protectors on the bottoms of tables, couches, and chairs to stop your floor from deteriorating too quickly or prematurely.




Being simple to install and maintain, laminate flooring has seen a considerable increase in popularity. Due to the fact that dust, grime, and sand particles can harm laminate over time in high-traffic areas, it is crucial to maintain laminate clean. Keeping laminate generally dry is also vital because standing water or moisture can cause the planks to bulge, warp, etc.


Our ECOVACS DEEBOT and cleaning solution are your excellent partner in cleaning laminate floors. They are strong enough to remove the dust and stains without harming your floor! Hope this article can help you master how to clean laminate floors. Subscribe to learn more about cleaning tips!

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