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How To Choose The Right Robot Vacuum Cleaner For A Small Apartment?
How To Choose The Right Robot Vacuum Cleaner For A Small Apartment?
Ah, the monotony of vacuuming. If you’re not one of the blessed ones who derives joy from cleaning, then vacuuming is one of those repetitive chores that just seems never-ending. But a smaller space should be easier to clean than a larger space, right? Not so fast! It’s easy for dust and debris to accumulate on the limited square footage and with limited airflow in a compact home, as well as for space to become occupied with this, that and the other piece of furniture; resulting in a situation w
How Does A Robot Vacuum With Camera Work?
Did you know robot vacuums only started using cameras in 2015? Prior to that, they used low-cost infrared and collision detection sensors to detect obstacles, dumbly moving around a room at random. It was only in the last decade that smart vacuums started using cameras to capture photocells so they could identify specific objects and map their environment. Now, robotic vacuums with built-in cameras are on the rise. Let’s talk about what a camera does in your robot housekeeper and how camer
How To Choose A Robot Vacuum For High Thresholds?
A seemingly small design detail, thresholds serve a couple of purposes, both practical and aesthetic, in modern homes. Entry door thresholds, that is, your home’s front, side and back doors, are typically higher to prevent water leaking into the home in the event of a flood. Meanwhile, door thresholds between interior rooms (otherwise called “door bars”) serve as visual transitions between different floor types, temperature retainers to stop cold or hot air from entering a room through door g
How Does Obstacle Avoidance Work In Robot Vacuums?
Whether using it as a daily space refresher or a deep cleaning housekeeping assistant, robot vacuums are being picked up by more and more consumers, cleaning as users go about their own lives. But are you really saving time if you have to yank stuck objects out of the suction or dislodge the vacuum from underneath furniture multiple times each time the device runs? New robot vacuum models are being released with more high-tech obstacle avoidance. These smart devices are capable of not just objec
Why Robot Vacuums With Lidar Mapping Revolutionize Home Cleaning?
When you go shopping these days, it’s hard not to notice the trend of smart home appliances, and one of the most popular smart gadgets is undoubtedly the robotic vacuum cleaner. Since its first launch two decades ago, the demand has been growing rapidly as many people value its convenience and efficiency in cleaning floors. To make robotic vacuums smart, an important component is the navigation system, which helps the device to avoid obstacles and plan the best cleaning route. One tec
Can A Robot Vacuum Avoid And Clean Up Dog Poop?
Let’s imagine a scenario. You’ve got your spick and span smart vacuum, perfect for handling your daily debris. You tell it to run a cleaning cycle, until it runs into a pile-up — and not the highway kind. Surprise poops and throw-up are the bane of pet parents’ lives, and if you’re investing in a robotic vacuum, you need to know that it won’t be ruined by sucking up and spreading around a big mess left behind by your pet. In this guide, we’ll go over exa