7 Home Robots Designed To Make Life Easier


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As technology continues to evolve in the 21st century, home robots are getting more accessible and affordable. They are designed to automate repetitive tasks, perform a range of tasks from cleaning and maintenance to security and surveillance, entertainment and companionship, healthcare and personal care.

With advanced technology, they allow users to live more efficiently and freeing up more time for meaningful things, enhancing quality of life in general. So why wouldn’t we want to replace more household devices with robots? Find out more about this trend and 7 top-rated home robots that can make your life easier.

Understanding Home Robots


What is home robot? According to the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers), the global community for engineering, computing and technology, smart home robots, or consumer robots, are “robots you can buy and use just for fun or to help you with tasks and chores.”. In short, they are essentially advanced machines made to perform specific tasks within the household, with little or no human interference. Modern house robots are equipped with sensors, cameras and advanced algorithms powered by artificial intelligence (AI) that allow them to navigate and interact with the environment.

Household robots can execute tasks with precision and efficiency thanks to their ability to perceive and learn the surroundings, and adapt to changing environments. Most robots have their own interface, which can be paired with user-friendly mobile apps or smart home systems that allow users to monitor and control them. Voice command is also a popular way to interact with these robots. By handling the functional tasks in the household, house robots not only can help you check off more boxes on the never-ending chore list, but also significantly improve your quality of life.

The Roles of Home Robots in Modern Households

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Explore the diverse roles that domestic robots can play in different areas of the house.

Cleaning and maintenance tasks

When it comes to home robots, the first thing that comes to mind is robots that clean. Robotic vacuum cleaners were first introduced in this category, followed by other cleaning robots such as window, grill and pool robot cleaners. Their advanced sensors and cameras allow them to navigate and learn the environment accurately, then give information to their ‘brain’ to plan the most efficient cleaning routes. Together with powerful features like strong suction power, these cleaning robots can initiate the cleaning process without human interference.

Security and surveillance

The high-tech cameras and sensors of security and surveillance robots monitor activities inside and around the house, offering the homeowners with peace of mind. They can detect even the slightest motion and record video footage around the clock. When noticing any suspicious activity like intruders and buglers, security robots will alert the homeowners, allowing them to check the live surveillance cameras via the app and take action accordingly.

Entertainment and companionship

Social and companion robots revolutionize the way we interact and entertain. With innovative AI technology, these robots are able to engage in conversations, play games, tell jokes and also assist with daily tasks. For instance, education robots can tailor a study program for children with a number of activities, while companion robots provide a sense of companionship and emotional support to individuals who live alone.

Healthcare and personal well-being

Designed to address healthcare needs, healthcare robots brings tangible benefits on personal well-being. From reminding users to take medication, monitoring vital signs to providing exercise guidance, they are a convenient and smart way to keep track of your well-being in general.  They are particularly useful for elderly and individuals with health conditions or disabilities.

Top 7 Types of Home Robots for Your House

ECOVACS winbot cleaning on high floors

Among the diverse range of smart home robots available on the market, we have curated a list of 7 types of house robots you must have for your home.

Robot vacuums and mops

Cleaning the floor is the least favourite chore for many people, no wonder robotic vacuum cleaners and mops are one of the most popular home robots nowadays. Their elevated sensors and cameras allow them to navigate around the house, avoid obstacles and clean the floor without missing spots. A robot vacuum and mop combo can even do dual tasks in one clean. They require minimal interference from users, and for premium models, the paired docking station like ECOVACS’ Omni all-in-one station can automatically charge the smart vacuum, empty the dust bins, wash and dry the mop heads, make sure it is ready for the next clean. Users can also monitor and control the robotic vacuum cleaner remotely, and give commands via the mobile app, such as setting virtual barriers.

Robot window cleaner

Clean and clear windows can bring freshness to the house. Yet, not only it is a time-consuming task, but it can also be risky especially for apartment owners that lived on high floors. It is not uncommon that people have fallen down and hurt themselves while cleaning windows. This is why robot window cleaners such as our WINBOT are getting popular these days. They can navigate windows and removing dirt, grime and fingerprint by themselves, offering streak-free results and improved the overall appearance of the house.

Social and companion robot

Whether you live alone, or you are living with children or elderly, social and companion robots are here to provide entertainment and companionship. Their advanced AI technology allows them to engage in conversations, interact with users such as playing games and play musics, respond to various commands and assist with daily tasks. This kind of robot is particularly useful in offering a sense of companionship and enhancing the independence of the elderly and individuals with disabilities who live by themselves.

Security robot

If you are looking to add an extra layer of security to your household, consider getting security robots to upgrade your smart home security system. Their advanced sensors are powered by technology like facial recognition and motion detection, allowing them to detect motion and record high-definition video footage. When spotted any suspicious intruders and buglers, they can send real-time alerts to homeowners and provide live video feeds for remote monitoring, allowing the users to take prompt action to any potential threats.

Apart from detecting suspicious behaviours, security robots can also be programmed to detect other types of activities such as smoke and unusual sounds, which is significantly helpful in preventing emergencies like fires or gas leaks.

Grill and gardening robot

For outdoor tasks, grill and garden robots can help you keep up with maintenance. Gardening robots can automate tasks such as weeding gardens, mowing lawns and cleaning patios. On the other hand, after the barbecue party, grill robot cleaners can clean scrub and scrap the grill grate for you, saving your time and energy. Both robots are great tools that automate repetitive actions, allowing homeowners to enjoy outdoor activities without hassles.

Pool cleaner robot

Pool cleaning can be labor-intensive and time-consuming, therefore many people have turned to pool cleaner robots. Their sensors can precisely navigate around the pool, then diligently scrub and remove dirt, algae and debris from the walls and floors. These robots employ advanced technology and powerful suction mechanisms for a thorough clean. By maintaining the water clarity and hygiene, pool robot cleaners save time and effort for pool owners.

Education robot

Education robots mainly target children, teaching codding, robotics and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) concepts in an interactive and engaging way. Unlike traditional teaching methods, they can tailor the content based on the child’s capability, and offer a range of activities, games and challenges that captivate young minds. Along the way, education robot can also help develop essential skills such as problem-solving and critical thinking.

As an educational tool, they play an important role in children’s growth and development, teaching them skills for the digital age, inspiring them to explore in STEM subjects.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Home Robot

DEEBOT robot vacuum mop cleaning in the living room

When you are shopping for household robots, it is essential to check the following factors to ensure you make an informed decision, prevent overstuffing your home with unused robots and devices.

Start by analysing your needs and budget. What kind of tasks you need the most help with? How much are you willing to spend? House robots come in a wide range of prices, therefore asking yourself these questions can help narrow down your list and select a robot with the features that solve your problem. For example, if you need a robotic vacuum cleaner, consider whether you need one that can handle carpets, hardwood floors or both.

It is always recommended to start with a few domestic robots to get yourself familiar with the operation and not get overwhelmed with all the new technology. That said, choosing a smart home ecosystem can affect the compatibility with different devices. Most household robots on the market can be paired with one or two smart home system such as Google, Amazon and Apple. Ensure the new household robots can be compatible with your existing smart home system for a seamless integration and experience.

Moreover, conduct thorough research on different brands and models to make sure you make an informed decision. Read product reviews and customer feedback for their insights on the product’s performance, durability and such. Compare features, prices and specifications on aspects like battery life and maintenance requirements. One other important factor is customer support. While it is crucial to always buy from reputable retailers, check if the manufacturer offers customer service, for instance, technical support and warranty coverage, in case you ever encounter any issues and require assistance.


What are some examples of household robots?

Examples of household robots include smart vacuums, social and companion robots, security robots, robot window cleaners and educational robots.

What can smart home robots do?

Domestic robots automated tasks such as cleaning floors, pool cleaning, gardening, providing security and surveillance, offering companionship, assisting with healthcare needs and provide education.

Do home robots require constant maintenance?

Regular maintenance is highly recommended to keep your household robots at optimal performance. Cleaning the devices and updating software are necessary, and most home robots like robotic vacuum cleaners send alerts to users via the app for cleaning and replacement components.

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