Why a Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is a Smart Investment for Australian Homeowners

The rise of robotic vacuums is sweeping across the world, with Australia being no exception. After over two decades since the first robot vacuum cleaner was invented, cutting-edge technological developments have finally produced a refined contender to the traditional vacuum cleaner. These marvels of engineering automate the bulk of the cleaning duties, freeing up precious time to relish the joys of life rather than the monotony of cleaning. Let these robotic wonders do the dirty work while you sit back and savour the sweeter things in life. If you still doubt if you need to purchase one, read this blog and you’ll have an idea.

Are Robotic Vacuum Cleaners and Mops Better Than Regular Vacuums?

When it comes to cleaning our homes, traditional vacuum cleaners have been the go-to solution for many years. However, the advent of robotic vacuum cleaners and mops has revolutionized the cleaning industry. These advanced robotic wonders use innovative technology to clean more effectively and efficiently than their conventional counterparts. Robotic vacuums boast a range of features that set them apart from traditional vacuums, such as smart mapping, voice control, and app integration. They can navigate around obstacles, reach difficult areas, and even mop floors, making them the perfect cleaning solution for any householder.

a black robot vacuum cleaner on the black tile

Benefits of Owning a Floor Cleaning Robot

Owning a floor cleaning robot offers a plethora of benefits that traditional vacuums simply can't match.
  • First and foremost, the convenience factor cannot be overlooked. These machines require little manual intervention and can be programmed to clean on a schedule, freeing up valuable time for other tasks.
  • For those with mobility or health issues, robotic vacuums can be an absolute game-changer. They eliminate the need for bending and stooping, making cleaning tasks much less physically demanding. This can be especially helpful for the elderly or those with chronic pain or limited mobility.
  • Furthermore, robotic vacuums improve air quality by trapping dust, pollen, and other allergens in their filters, preventing them from being redistributed into the air.
  • Robotic vacuums and mops are also environmentally friendly, as they use less energy than traditional vacuums and produce less waste. They also have a longer lifespan than traditional vacuums, resulting in less waste and a more sustainable option.

With their advanced technology and impressive features, robotic vacuums and mops are a valuable addition to any home.

How Long Do Robotic Vacuum Cleaners Last?

The lifespan of a robotic vacuum cleaner largely depends on the quality of the machine, frequency of use, and maintenance. Generally speaking, a well-maintained robot vacuum can last anywhere from 4 to 6 years, or even longer. However, factors such as battery life and the wear and tear on the brushes and filters can affect the machine's lifespan.

In terms of cost, repairs for robotic vacuums can vary depending on the extent of the damage. Minor repairs such as replacing a brush or filter can be relatively inexpensive, while major repairs such as motor replacement can be more costly. It's important to weigh the cost of repairs against the cost of replacement when deciding whether to fix or replace a broken robotic vacuum.

ECOVACS DEEBOT Robotic Vacuum Cleaner and Mop

ECOVACS DEEBOT robotic vacuum has stood out in the market with the following innovative function designs:
  • AIVI 3D
Worried about tripping over shoes left on the floor? Say goodbye to your worries! AIVI 3D Technology is here to save the day. This innovative technology harnesses the power of advanced artificial intelligence and 3D structured light sensors to seamlessly detect and avoid obstacles in its path. With AIVI 3D Technology, you can finally say goodbye to the hassle of pre-cleaning and simply sit back and relax while your robot vacuum takes care of the rest.

a smart vacuum robot can detect cables
  • TrueMapping 2.0
With TrueMapping 2.0, you can enjoy superior cleaning coverage like never before. This advanced navigation system is at the forefront of technology and utilizes a combination of dToF sensors and LiDar to scan its surroundings and create the most efficient cleaning path possible. This means that your DEEBOT robot vacuum will leave no stone unturned and no surface untouched, ensuring a thorough and complete cleaning experience. So sit back and relax, knowing that TrueMapping 2.0 has got you covered.
  • All-in-One OMNI Station
Experience a fully automated experience with its groundbreaking all-in-one OMNI station. This innovative device takes care of everything, from refilling the water tank to replenishing the internal mopping tank with fresh water. After cleaning, the OMNI station's heating device quickly dries the mopping pad to prevent bacteria and unpleasant odors. This all-in-one solution is designed to separate clean water from sewage, and also supports automatic emptying the dustbin, washing and drying of mop cloths.

After understanding the innovative features of ECOVACS DEEBOT, you may want to bring this useful housework assistant home at once. Here we prepare two bestsellers that you shouldn’t miss:


With powerful suction capabilities of up to 21 kPa, the DEEBOT X1 OMNI is capable of automatically emptying its dustbin in just 10 seconds. The humanized YIKO voice assistant offers the next-level smart interaction between you and the DEEBOT. Armed with the above-mentioned OMNI station, you can experience ultimate convenience and a truly hands-free cleaning solution with DEEBOT X1 OMNI.


The DEEBOT T10 PLUS boasts a range of impressive features, including the OZMO Pro 3.0 oscillating mopping system, customized ECOVACS APP control, enhanced AIVI 3.0 technology, YIKO AI voice assistant, top-of-the-range TrueMapping navigation, etc. This powerful combination of technologies provides a comprehensive and efficient cleaning experience, leaving your home spotless and pristine.

Is a Robot Vacuum Cleaner Right for My Home? 

When considering whether a robotic vacuum cleaner is right for your home, there are several factors to take into account. The layout of your home, the presence of pets, and the frequency of cleaning are all important considerations. Additionally, the cost of a robotic vacuum cleaner should be weighed against the benefits it can provide, such as increased convenience and time savings.

Homeowners with large, open floor plans and minimal obstacles may find robotic vacuums to be particularly effective, while those with many furniture pieces or a lot of clutter may encounter more difficulties. Additionally, those with pets may need to consider the effectiveness of the machine's pet hair removal capabilities.

Ultimately, the decision to invest in a robotic vacuum cleaner should be based on individual circumstances and needs. While they may not be the best option for everyone, those seeking to save time and effort may find a robotic vacuum cleaner to be a valuable addition to their cleaning routine.


In conclusion, robotic vacuum cleaners are an increasingly popular choice for homeowners in Australia. With their advanced technology, time-saving capabilities, and improved air quality, they offer numerous benefits over traditional vacuums. If you're considering investing in a robotic vacuum cleaner, we recommend checking out ECOVACS DEEBOT for high-quality and sustainable options. Don't miss out on the opportunity to upgrade your cleaning routine with this innovative technology.